Monday, January 14, 2013

A New Year A New BUM!! - Victoria Secret Butt Exercise -

Rocking undies with Victoria Secret Butt Exercise

Watching a Victoria Secret Fashion show vid can be a rather... FASCINATINGLY beautiful butt experience! LOL... Ever wondered what ~heck~ of exercise do these super-lengluis do to be able to rock-out in just undies on the runway? (Okay, please sway your attention away from the boobs for now... sheesh...)

Oh well.. as usual... you don't just miraculously transform overnight and get a new butt each time you read posts like this.... DUH... Rather, please be good, watch the video from the link below and WORK-IT-OUT! It's 2013 and iwannabelenglui's New Year Resolution is --> Getting a rockable butt! LOL... at least we know that this is somehow achievable as compared to gaining a cup size or 2 on the boobs area... muahahahaha.... hard work is all it takes lenglui!

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