Monday, January 21, 2013

Panasonic Facial Roller Eh-SP30 Vs Refa Pro/Carat Platinum Electronic Roller

Oh the damned many choices of Facial Rollers!!

Remember iwannabelenglui's recent post on PANASONIC Esthetic Facial Roller EH-SP30? And yes, before putting that as one of her wishlist item, there was that consideration on the the Refa Pro/Carat Platinum Electronic Roller that promises almost the same result of the Panasonic roller.

Just do a little Google and that's it.... we're SOLD! muahahahahhaa... Oh well..

The differences:
  • The Brand
  • The physics and scientific theory behind them: "How it works?"
  • The PRICE - Refa rollers costs a whopping RM1.2k
  • The publicity and popularity
  • The usage - Refa's multi-functioned
Before the Refa roller goes on iwananbelenglui's the wishlist item for 2013, lets do some reality check, more research, have some patience and drool over the pics above and below... LOL.... Heck, a pricier tool does not mean a better tool...

Blogs of ardent fans on the Refa rollers:

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