Friday, March 15, 2013

Coconut Oil for that Sexy Lenglui!

Oh Sexy Lengluis - to the ever sweet tropic coconut!

When we think of paradise on a sunny beachy day in the tropics.... the first image that pops to mind is "the coconut tree" Oooooooooooh... what a relaxing feeling....

But hey! We ARE in the tropics. Malaysia is a tropical paradise so... coconut oil is easily found everywhere. Now why all of a sudden the craze on coconut oil?? See the links below.... and most of all, it helps reduces belly fat!!! SERIOUSLY?!

  Myths Corrected

Coconut oil has long been a secret to beautiful skin, beautiful hair, beautiful body -- if you are not turned off by the smell... Honestly, the smell is OK (except for cooking certain meals). On your hair, believe it or not, the fragrance is quite sweet and light. Tried and tested by iwannabelenglui. And by this we mean "Virgin Coldpressed and Unrefined Coconut Oil"

Coconut oil has small molecular structure so it easily absorbs into our skin. So forget all that myths on getting greasy skin when applied onto our bodies. Tried and tested by iwannabelenglui --> PASSED OK

Coconut oil is great when used in cooking. And it is one of the best oils to use for cooking because it can withstand high temperatures and still retain all that goodness in the oil. "The fat in coconut oil is largely made up of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA). Unlike other saturated fats, MCFA doesn't heighten cholesterol and it can help to protect against heart disease." --> Okay, for this, we are not too sure because it's still an oil and we would NOT go all crazy and ingest huge amount of it all of a sudden in the name of beauty... wahhahahahaha....

  • Great as hair serum in small amounts (use Extra Virgin Coldpressed Coconut Oil so the fragrance is less intimidating and smells umm... almost delicious)
  • Great as a skin moisturiser 'cos its not as greasy as you'd think... absorbs into skin pretty quick too!
  • Great when used to fry your morning eggs --> you would get that tropical breakfast taste to it
  • Great as a heel moisturiser... TRIED and TESTED
  • Wanna feel like a lenglui wahine? Coconut oil baby!!

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