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LHE: Permanent Hair Removal?

Zap those unsightly hair... permanently
LHE Light Based Hair Removal: Long Term Facial/Body Hair Removal

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A year++ ago... I signed up a course for "permanent hair removal" - legs, underarms and bikini line. You don't want to know the exact price I paid for that course... Lets just say its no less than RM4k and that's the already discounted beautician staff pricing... But since its permanent, wouldn't it be worth the investment? (^^)" Then again... this is not really permanent, hormonal flux can cause the hair to grow back as explained by my beautician friend. The only reason I decided to do it was because... my friend's sis was a beautician (sssshh... that was how we got staff price and she kept telling us how smooth her client's skin were after the treatment) and I had someone to try it out with me. Hmm... then again... also... there are infinite other reasons why I signed up... but, that was it --> one of my year 2007 resolution accomplished --> no more waxing or epilating... Thanks to LHE... Read more about LHE here

Reasons to do this:
  • If you've got the $$$ or if you know a beautician who can get you staff price for this
  • If you're fed-up with reddish bumps of ingrown hair from waxing, shaving or epilating
  • If your beautician is a close friend.. otherwise... I think you're gonna regret signing up... trust me... you don't want to be screaming at a stranger...
  • If you've researched enough and decided this is what you really want to do
  • If you go swimming very often
  • If you are pain-proof... lol.. (okay... I'm not kidding)
Reasons NOT to do this:
  • If you're pain intolerable (Seriously... I'll explain why)
  • If you don't have the extra $$$
  • If your skin is dark and so is your hair (LHE works best on people with lighter skin tone and darker hair)
  • If you're uncomfortable with beauticians
  • If you think this is a one-time thing
  • If you've already got hardly noticeable very fine hair on your skin (I don't understand why you're reading this then... go away.. I'm envious) (--)"

Now... for the procedure..
  • You'll be asked to undress and wear a towel-like robe.. The whole process looks like the image below...

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  • Next to you will see a device that looks like this "SpaTouch"
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  • Then the beautician will explain to you what you'll be expecting next... the "BEEP" sound... then Zzzzaaaaapp!! the pain... Even if its only for a second... It hurts... like hell! Feels like you've been zapped with high voltage! Yeeeowwcchhhhh....
  • So there you go... beep-zzapp-beep-zzapp... by that time, you'll cringe every time you hear the beep sound!
  • So there... if you're doing lower-legs, underarms and bikini line... its going to take about 1hr++ depending on how well you cope with pain...
  • The zapped hair will look like burnt hair and the room will smell faintly of burnt hair
  • There will still be hair growth though... very much finer...
  • You'll be advised not to swim or go in the sun. Having a bath with very warm/hot water is complete a no-no. Your skin is now experiencing a temporary sun-burnt-like effect... It'll need about 3 days to cool down.
  • You'll be returning to the saloon every month to do this... aarggghhh... I dread the treatment... but... I've got only one thing to say on the results... SATISFACTORY!

Update 5th June 2010:
  • Spoken to beautician friend on this new pain-free laser hair removal recently
  • But..... sadnessssssssssssss.... disappointedly she told me that, laser hair removal may be pain-free. But, the hair-free effect does not last as long as LHE. And... you need to go back to the saloon more often than the LHE.
  • And I thought, the next time my hair on the legs or underarms ever grow back, I wanna go for the pain-free one!! Sigh..................


  1. satisfactory result!!!... do you mind sharing from which beauty saloon you had your LHE treatment

  2. oooo! can't believe I missed your comment... >>sorry<< been insanely busy with work...

    Hmmm... the saloon's called Pxxxxx Beauty. Sorry, censoring the name till gf stops working there... hahahahhaa...

    But recently my beautician friend spilled that LHE is no more the in-technology... There's some new laser tech out thats even more advanced and this time, it won't hurt a bit... (--)" definitely way better than LHE... hahaha.... I suggest you go talk to some saloons to find out more... :p pain vs no pain? I'd definitely go for the latter...

  3. I think the technology is more advance now. I hv seen my beautician doing the laser on her customer's armpit but no pain at all. One time cost about RM100. As if nothing happened.

  4. I agree! Go for the pain-free treatment... hahaha.... Don't opt for something outdated and pain-FULL... :p

  5. I would like to add another comment though.. The new laser tech may be pain-free but.. apparently the results do not last as long as the LHE. :( So take your pick, lengluis..

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