Friday, January 9, 2009

Body Shapers / Slimming Wear

Tummy + Hip + Leg Shaping Pants

My hips and butt has always been a problem. No matter how much food I down... I will never gain much weight above or below my hips... All the bad stuff... they go to the hips and butt... The rest.. remains pretty much the same. I don't know if you call that lucky for a food lover... lol... no.. you don't consider someone who's pear-shape lucky. Its always hard to get nice pants that fit you. And... you can kiss goodbye to nice skimpy bikini bottoms or pretty little thongs and g-strings.. they'll look ridiculous on you... lol..

So now, okay... I'm not complaining about being pear-shape or bottom heavy.
All I'm saying is that... I wanna be wearing a thin tightly fitted skirt or dress or pants confidently... So here's to Googling:

Was browsing through this site by a seller names Sherry... She brings in stuff from Taiwan and sells online in her site:

And... I saw this!

so umm... as usual... it was real tempting so I just went on to get one...

  • say hello to nice looking butt (even though its partly faked... lol)
  • trust me.. its really difficult to get yourself into a slimming wear... imagine... squeezing yourself into something thats 1/4 of your usual size... hahhahhaha
  • but eventually when you get yourself into it... its surprisingly quite snug. Not uncomfortable like what you'd expect
  • but... don't have it on for over 3 hours... you're going to start feeling uncomfortable
  • perfect! for wearing tight fitting pants or dresses.. hehehehehe... nice pushed up but... and slimmer looking thighs..
  • quite affordable so get one just for that skimpy butt sticking dress! (but uh-huh... get a good one since I heard those cheap lousy quality ones are mighty uncomfortable to be sitting in)


  1. where did you get yours and how much isit? isit over 100 dollars sing?

  2. Hi,

    Mine's made in Taiwan, bought off a Taiwanese site:

    Since I can't actually read Chinese, I went through a local online agent in KL. It costs way less than SGD100. I think about RM39. I find this pretty good compared to normal slimming wears from our common lingerie outlets like Triumph, La Senza... Xixili... etc.

  3. hi, you said PM39 right? isit still available? sry for disturbing you.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    No probs.. :p I got mine from the seller below.

    Try contacting her directly on MSN messenger, her name's Sherry:

    Show her this link:

    And she'll let you know if its available for sale :p