Sunday, January 18, 2009

SlimFit Spa - Natural Breast Enlargement Centre? Yeah right...

One word of advice... Don't...

I'm a person who tries almost anything... (provided they are safe and have very little risk). So okay, 3 years ago, a close friend of mine showed me an advert of this place called the SlimFit Spa. They provide slimming and breast massage therapies which they claim will guarantee to give you full bust and perfect figure! Slimming seems to me as just one of their side income (and yeah... we weren't there for slimming)... Know what? I think its a hush hush thing but.. they're earning tons from the breast treatments! Imagine... people paying up to RM16k for bigger firmer boobs!! They've got their adverts in "Female" mags in Malaysia and are quite popular center in S'pore too.

This are their websites

You'll see this vid at the Slimfit Spa. Checkout the women's (Lynn Poh) boobs!

Aww....That was the time when I haven't found the magic of Googling... If I did... that would have saved me about RM4.5k... LOL... Look at the rantings of all these girls who went for their services...

They've got really really really persuasive consultants there! Man.. when you step in to the centre... you'd wonder how could a huge reputable company like this lie about a "guarantee" which equals "warranty" in women's term... lol... Imagine... people telling you they guarantee you huge boobs in 6 months... We were persuaded to.... ~stonners~.. (drooooooool...) LOL... We were zombified into parting with so much $$! LOL... I think we paid up to about RM4.5k each for painful breast massages... Thinking back... I would really like to say we were foolish and naive to even trust a stranger's persuasion... But... I think... more than that... we were stupidly curious!!! hahahhahahhaha...

The procedure:
  • Every 2 weeks you go for breast massages that kinda hurts cos they kneed your breast really really hard... yeowch...
  • The ocasionally, they'll place you on a breast pump which is really a machine that does the same thing as the Hai Sun Fong Breast Pump (check out my blog on that)
  • You'll need to spend about RM600-RM700 on their massage oils and serum which they claim can boost your boobs naturally
  • You will be thought how to self massage your boobs... and... you HAVE TO do the massage everyday with the massage oils and serums...
  • Ocasionally, their consultant will come talk to you for mativational boost...
Okay... now for the hard cold truth... Now ladies... trust me on this...

LOL... Then again... If my friend and I didn't go for this... I wouldn't have been able to blog about this 3 years after... So umm... rather than going to some lousy breast therapy...go check out the mere RM160 with 1 year warranty Hai Sun Fong breast pump... lol... no... I'm not advertising for them pumps.. But... I think they're a much cheaper experience...

SlimFit...? JUST DON'T!


  1. there is a natural phyto estrogen from plant which can firm up your breast, see here:

  2. It's interesting to say the least!


  3. i've tried it out as well... and you're right. It does NOT work! Dont get con into believing what they said!

  4. totally agreed!! Ladies....please don't get con by them as im a victim last 2 years!

  5. oh my gosh!!1 I just paid S$4k for that... and thats only a deposit!! I have another 8K to pay upon 1st visit!!!! the consultant sounded VERY VERY assuring and promised and even swore that it will work!!! reallly.....?? what shld i do now???

  6. Ooooo nooooo.... perhaps you could negotiate with them? Just take a shorter course? Besides, you'll even learn to do the massage on your own after the first few sessions... (--)"

  7. just signed up last week - RM12K! yah, I'm out of my freaking mind, but I've always wanted bigger boobs and surgery's out of the question.. hope to update you lengluis on my progress..there's no turning back now..btw, my 1st session really really hurt!

  8. hi, it's ms. RM12K..went for my 2nd session at the torture chambers (yup, the pain..still!) - no visible difference yet but I'm least now I take better care of myself (they tell you to eat more protein!) & I now walk with my chest out, too..we'll see how my 3rd session goes, in 2 weeks...

  9. a quickie update from ms. RM12K here...3rd & 4th session completed...i'm not expecting miracles but ermm...nope, it aint happening..

  10. Ms. 12K here, with updates after my 5th session..ermm what update?? who'm i kidding? reality staring at me...aint working so far!!!!!!! my appointments are weekly, coz i just wanna get it all over n done with...7 more sessions to go..will it ever work? am i delusional? haizz....

  11. Here's a different point of view to readers. I went for 1st trial, and signed up for 10 sessions (although it was recommended 15 for me). I'm a B to C cup, and I just want fuller breasts, don't really have to jump to D or anything unrealistic. I signed up for both breasts and ovari together. They teach you how to wear your bra correctly and how to massage at home. I haven't buy the oil yet so far. I've done a total of 3 treatments... 1 trial, plus 2 sessions. Yes, for those of you who are doing it, not to worry. It works for me as my body is able to absorb the oil well. No pain no gain. I'm feeling it for those who didn't get the results they wanted. This definitely boost my esteem, and it's visible on my physical appearance i.e. chest and skin. My boyfriend noticed it and was surprised that there's change though I just started it. I look more feminine in dresses despite being born naturally slim without much fats to support the front part. Cheers and stay healthy, pretty, happy... to all!

  12. Agree wif faye. she seems hotter after she done it =D

    although im nt her bf =D

  13. Thanks! Well ladies, that's my best friend, haha. And I don't know what's everyone's age here but I'm in my 20s. To add on, I haven't bought the oil because of it's cost, and also I wanted to read up more on the ingredients used. How 'natural' and how 'safe' it is has got to be determined by my own research and not by sales talk or mere recommendations. Have a lovely day!

  14. Emmm okiee... seriously lengluis... no offense Faye and Daro, but you babes seem to be either working with or for Slimfit... hoohohohoho.. but I'll leave your comments here just in case :p Thanks for commenting though!

  15. It's Ms. 12k checking in again..Faye and Daro, I give you guys benefit of the doubt..I've got several more sessions to go, and for me, IT DOES NOT WORK, PEOPLESSSSS!!!!!! It's amazing how many suckers there are out there, bookings for appointments are mostly full!! They keep telling me to 'be patient' 'home-care is very important' 'high-protein diet is a must'...yeah right!! All I'm left with are sore boobs after each session & RM12K poorer

  16. Do u know about YOKO Height Increaser??? Izzit work????thanks

  17. i'm a cust there 2 yrs ago and it cost me more than 10k include those oil and serum.. IT JUST DONT WORK... i didnt expect much just want to achieve a full A cup.
    They promise me that it is easy but after 10 session with another top up of 10 session the result is still negative.
    They continue to motivate and pursuit me to buy more serum and oil that cost me few more thousand. I'm telling you SLIM FIT is a place where they CON desperate girl that want to achive fuller bust. Is a place where u dump all the money and get disappointed.
    GIrl out there i'm warning u pls dont be so stupid to believe in their advertisement and have the same fate as i am... feeling being CON at the end of the day

  18. wah. slimfit really dun work ar? luckily man. i almost got con. wad other ideas do you all recommend? i really want a bigger boobs.! ): all my friends and cousin's boobs are either C,D . and i'm a A. so sad right):

  19. hi yewleevance,

    hmm... I havn't tried the YOKO height increaser lol... given the fact that I'm pretty tall already..


    I'll start tagging my blog posts so you can easily search what "ideas" we've been through in search for a more acceptable boob size... huhuhu..

  20. it's ms 12k, maybe you'll like to go to another blog/site to discuss your height increaser topic, tq!

    i agree 300% with the other ms.anonymous who was a cust of slimfit 2 years ago..i'm going thru' exactly what she's gone thru' i.e top-up sessions, pursuading me to buy more serums DOES NOT WORK AND NEVER EVER EVER WILL..DO NOT STEP INSIDE THAT PLACE!!!! PLEASE DO NOT BE CONNED!!!! i wish someone would sue their pants off..but most of us would be too embarassed to let anyone know we spent >rm10k on boob enhancers and we ended up as my case, no one but me knows i'm going to slimfit..once again..LADIES, DONT DO IT!!!!!

  21. HI ladies

    I just want to share about my experience in slim fit.After giving birth my breast become sagging.In the year 2008 i had saw advertisement in THE STAR about slim fit may help to lift up the bust naturally without any surgery. Without any queries i had sign up the package and had spend total RM 18K include all the oil & serum.I follow all the intruction morning and night apply the bust serum with massaging the bust. After so much money i had spend i really dont see any improvement on my breast. On that time i already loose confident on this company and had feel i been cheated.All the promise are tipu.

    Ladies out there , i really would like to advise you all please do not trust slim fit . No matters how much you had pay, you will not see the result as you wish for. In this world nothing can lift up ours breast unless surgery. If you really wish to lift up your breast only surgery can help us.

    After dissapointment on the slim fit treatment i had choose surgery to lift up my breast. And im so happy with the result. I love my breast now.

  22. but surgery very gross leh. plus i saw some video showing that it cant take air pressure. yr breast will gradually get bigger and it'll burst. aren't you afraid? do you think the indonesia or phillipines pills helps?

  23. Yup i saw that video too.First i was like you worry my breast get burst when in the airplane.But after explanation from my doctor and advise from my friend who had did the breast implant before, only i feel much confident to go for this step.During the consultation doctor will explain to me what kind of implant that he will be going to use,and where the implant are made from ? For me i use made in UK. IS the most naturally feel like your real breast. And what is the sizes of implant that are match my body with my height and weight. All this are very important too.

    My friend did first, after a week she take a flight to china for a holiday,and she are ok , nothing happen , her breast didnt burst. She also using the same implant like me. SO PLease dont be afraid because of that video.She share all her experience only then i dare to go for surgery.

    And i had another friend she went to bangkok to do her breast implant.She told me the price are much more cheaper than malaysia.I saw her breast are very nice but unfortunally her scar look so ugly.. some sort like earthworm really bad,the stiching are poor workman ship. It look so much difference compare with my scar. My scar are heal very nice dont even know that i had done a surgery before.That why you must make sure the doctor very good in stiching.

    ABout all those slim fit, pills, herbal , serum , oil so on and so on...all those thing will not satisfied what i really want.If i do research before i wouldnt get cheated by slim fit.I didnt know that had so much negative respond when i goggle search. My first impression on slim fit i look so presentable and i was thought this time for sure i had found the right thing can lift up my breast without any surgery. I feel so happy when i get to know slim fit, but once after all my treatment , gush...i wanna to cry because i see nothing and there keep asking me to sign up more treatment. Will you still sign up if you dont see anything? No way right ?

    Of course everyone wish to use natural way to lift up the breast or increases the size. From my experience i will say at this moment slim fit is the most experience spa for breast,this big company charge everyone about RM10K above, as you see from the respond above , 9 of them are fail maybe 1 will see the result only, not satisfied.Some more the therapist say there using high technology to produce all those oil and serum some more made in singapore if not mistaken. So will you still thing all those indonesia and philipines pills really can help us.But no harm trying if not so expensive. At least you had try before..but just please dont try slim fit.

    I just want to share about my experience in surgery,because i know a lot of women out there are not dare to try surgery, there will always put this on the last step like what i had did.I had try so many many thing at the end still go back to surgery. I wanna to say surgery is not really that scary as you think. I feel great after the surgery, my breast had lift up after an hours, my husband love it so much, he say the feel look like a real breast.The money i had spend at least i happy to pay for it.Not like slim fit. My advise, remember must find the experience doctor, so for sure will not let you down.

    Be a smart consumer .....good luck ladies

  24. Which hospital did u get your surgery done?

  25. Do you know how to make look like that on video and day times. pretty easy if you know;
    1. using different sun cream ( intense color) apply to the skin. when the light shine on it; it has difference contrast. so it has impression of boooop.

    2. using sun cream and having sun tane for 2 hour to have the skin burn on certain areas.
    it is always work.

    To know if all is working is by holding by hand not use eye

  26. Queenie

    I feeling really regret now after saw everyone's post. I just signed up the course not long ago and this is my 2nd session.
    She persuade me with 1 time full session. Oh well, i got trapped coz i dont want any plastic surgery.
    The massage is super pain~~~ and i wondering y i pay 4k to suffer all these pain without any result x_x
    however, she always ask me to buy oils/serum this n that... and it's extremely annoying!!!
    i got free bust cream from lucky draw but still havent use it.
    i think my 4k plus is "Cold than Water" and still under installment plan -_-'

    Does any one try F Cup Cookies??? Does it work???

  27. Aiya, natural still the best, dun change ur cup size, change the men ur with. At the end of the day, trust me, when we are old, man want companionship than big boobs, it's actually a plus only, yes it does make some of us happy but as i said over time companionship is what we appreciate most. I pity those got cheated. sigh. :(

  28. damn... i just had my 7th session yesterday. i always make myself believe that it works on me.. or am i in denial??

    about the indonesian pills u girls mentioned. is it help?

  29. hi it's ms.12k here again..i'd completed the whole painful course (physically, mentally n financially) few months's obvious, even the slimfit folks knows it never works..that is why they offered me vouchers n goodwill treatments n made me sign a declaration that i would never sue them!!! up to now, they're still calling me to go back for complimentary treatments!! ladies, DONT GO THERE!!!! learn from someone who has been there, done that..IT WONT WORK!!!!!

  30. oh my goodness ! i just signed up last week ! i'm so regret why never do research b4 go ! saw the newspaper its look so atractive !
    Ms 12k after completed ur full treatment izzit really langsung no change ?

  31. It's Ms 12k here. Hi, just to be clear, my full payment, all RM12,000+ was made before the treatment, so it was all already paid in full, every sen of it. There's NO REFUND, if that's what you're wondering.

    They offered me the free treatments after completing the whole thing because they could see there's absolutely NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER (of course they didnt say that but why else would they offer that, huh? They said it was for 'goodwill'. Yeah right).

    I also regret not doing my research before signing up. They made you sign something that you would never sue them, right?

    Unfortunately for us and fortunately for these slimfit folks, they have nothing to worry about, 'coz all of us (me, included) are too embarrassed to proceed with any legal action.

    How I wish I can stop our naive sisters from falling for their tricks!!

  32. Hi Gals

    I wasted RM6k last year for my Ex there for 12 sessions, excluding oil/serum. In the end, no difference at all. They said that the treatment may be used to treat hormone imbalance as well. at the end, they tried to get me to extend for another 12 sessions for RM6k but I declined as I'm already very familiar with most of the beauty centres SOP(standard operating procedure) and being a "Sucker" too many times. Be wary and trust your head, not your heart when you are coerced to sign-up for any package. Usually, after the 1st trial, they will tell you that the promotion package is valid for that day only. They won't allow you time to go home and consider. Any bona-fide organisation will allow you some time to consider before making purchases.

  33. I really wished I had read this post years back when I tried! I spent about 12-15K on the sessions and serum! As I am flat as airport, the consultant told me I needed at least 10 sessions to see results. After 10 sessions, another 10. There is always reasons for not getting the result wanted. Eventually, it's "your own body not accepting". I understand the pain when required to stimulate the glands etc. The smell of the serum is just too turn off for my bf then... at the end, it only grew in cms. After spending so much, it didn't even hit mid A cup! That's a waste of money. You will never know whether you will benefit till you try but <10k is never sufficient to see results!

  34. Very nice content. No wonder there is a lot of good comment coming from the readers.

  35. how much need to spend for surgery?

  36. The slimfit spa natural breast enlargement is shown on the post here. Useful post

  37. Hi. Thanks for all the comment. I almost sign up for slimfit. Now i m wearing easecox innerwear. Almost 6k plus i bought it. Hopefully it helps. I still refuse to go for surgery. Ladies out there, i believe you girls understand the feeling flat breast really make ourself lack confident. Bikini dont dare to wear cos no breast. Some low cut dress also cant wear. I feel shame of my breast. Always heartache. I try many like f cup cookies, nh boost up collagen, many oil serum cream bust applied. I seriously getting tired of trying so many methods. What should i do? Pls guide me.
    Seraphina here..

  38. Oh my, I just sign up the course total 14,800 SGD. I really so regretful after reading all these, I must have ran out of mind. But mine is an installment plan, so I wonder if I can call to the bank to cancel the installment plan.

  39. I paid RM6k a year ago and even bought the oil/serum at RM700. Would like to remind everyone here that it is a SCAM. Nothing works. I regretted to spend that $$ before doing research, not to mention the pain I suffered and time wasted to travel there every week.
    People, please do not trust this company.

  40. I think that bust treatments VARY with individuals. Not everyone is a suitable candidate owing to our unique hormonal and genetic make up.
    In my case, I signed for a 20-session treatment plus 4 foc as I had paid full in cash/nets. My first session was on 26/09/13 . After 8 sessions, the difference is quite obvious today. I've stopped wearing some of my bra which has a narrower 'B' cup n up sized to a wider n deeper 'B' lately.
    I'm being realistic when I took up this package. I'm not expecting a 'C' after 24 sessions cos I told the consultant I'm looking at a full 'B' with cleavage and not wear thick bra padding after that. Honestly, I'm not well endowed to begin with since I was a loose 'A' cupper after I stopped breast feeding my second child in 2006.
    In a span of 8 sessions, I can see the progress made n I m fairly satisfied with my breasts.
    To each her own, I hope I've shared my 2- cents' worth. :-)

  41. I just trained on a new system from Italy and saw this with my own eyes. We measured the lady before and after and her breasts had lifted by 1 cm, and increased around the chest by 3 cm, this after one session. Maybe you should try this instead? It's the Breast Fit system from Sharp & Botanica

  42. Hey girls, anyone has any comments on Slimming Sanctuary? I went for the trial yesterday and the coaxing method sounds so similar to what u girls have gone through. And the entire package 12 session costs about 5k! Advice please!

  43. Scammers!!! Be careful with this shop. Branch Manager Mexim Gan and therapist Chan Yeong Pei, also owner Goh Soo Hwang. All these 3 musketeers are up to cheat customer's hard-earned money. They can swear on oath and tell lies without even blinking. Don't ever step in into this shop EVER!!! They kept you in a room for 1 hour plus consultation, put words into your mouth and provide bad services but charged incredible amount of money just for half-hour massage session which they claim and put it into your mouth that the effect could be seen immediately and all the rubbish bullshits they are selling. Hope the authority can do something about this shop activity. Unfortunately CASE is sitting on it unable to show some fang. They should put this shop on their BAN list immediately!!
    I'm thinking of doing a petition and submit it to CASE. Anyone keen to participate or sign the petition?

  44. Yes, I like to join in the petition. Can we do it together asap?

  45. Hi All ladies,
    Can we come together to petition and inform CASE? We can't let them go scotfree with our hard earned money.