Friday, January 9, 2009

Philips Ceramic Hair Straigthener (HP4647)

Poker Straight Hair in 5 Mins!! (For my hair anyway... lol)

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I have a couple of straighteners. Yeah... don't ask me why am I stocking up on stuff that you only need one of. But..... This is a straightener worth commenting on because... it actually lets me do my hair in 5 mins tops. Again I've got to say this... I've got thick amount of hair... and, it takes ages to straighten my hair with a normal size straightener. This... is HUGE for a DIY-hair tool! Yeah... but huge comes with a good-point... You can clamp lots more hair at one go... hahahahaha... Good point huh?

  • Good for thick hair or girls with lots of hair cos' its clamps are HUGE!
  • Easy to use clamping
  • It has temperature control... (WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT IN ANY HAIR STYLING TOOL)
  • Ceramic plates causes less damage to hair
  • Please remember to add a protection serum on your hair before using high temperature directly on hair
  • Do not use on wet hair if you don't want to damage your hair... duh... There was this time when I had damp towel-dried hair... and... during straightening, I can hear water fizzling and hot water vapor evaporating from hair... uh-huh...
  • It really doesn't matter what brand of straighteners you buy but... do get one with temperature control, huge ironning plates if you're always in a hurry and a straightener with ceramic plates. Don't go for those styling tools that come in a package with interchangeable style tool if you are serious about straightening your hair. I know they are more worth the buy but... from experience, they don't work as well.

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