Friday, January 9, 2009

Yet another blog on superficial beauty...

You know how those "pasar malam" aunties and uncles go about calling you lenglui-lengcai? Well, yeah.. I don't intend to turn into those type of lengluis. Lets set it out... 2009 New Year's resolution:
  1. Want C cup (with my new boob pump... maybe.. :lol:)
  2. Wanna turn into *hotchick* (what the hell.. at least I tried)
  3. Wanna do more charity (been procrastinating too often.. must go to Dr Dhilips)
  4. Wanna do more surfing (I meant the actual surf sport k? Not online surfing..)
  5. Wanna play guitar like Jubing Kristianto (kla... day-dreaming again)
This blog is an attempt to let you in on my little conquests to become beautiful... (though... emm.. haha... beauty is in the eye of the beholder) Unfortunately.. I do believe in grooming yourself to perfection if you've got $$$ or.. if you're determined enough like me... (^^)

Okay, the only reason I'm blogging is because (someone said I needed to do this) and there are not enough beauty blogs that tell us what we need to hear. Before deciding to try something new... I'm always "Googling" to check reviews or any rantings on that certain thing I'd like to make my new best friend. Guess what? I'd even go up to the length of actually using Google translations to read up Japanese, Taiwan and Korean (foreign languages ma..) blogs on some new beauty tool. So for now, Google's my best friend... Hahahhahahaaa....

I hate to sound shallow but, yeah.. this blog's about as shallow as it gets. Its a blog on achieving superficial beauty. Heck.. If you wanna be beautiful regardless in or out, you've gotta put in some effort. Not everyone's blessed with flawless complexion, perfect features... hourglass body, glossy hair, .. Not everyone's poised and charming, and not everyone can handle panic situations calmly... so lets strive to be all those while, at the same time have fun poking and appreciating our own flaws... Know what I think? Its okay to be less than perfect.. our little flaws are always the things that keeps us special.. Letsssss.... be that lenglui!!!

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