Friday, January 9, 2009

Massage Oils (DIY) - Self Massage

**to be continued**

Why spend when you can save? lol... wise words that are hard to keep... But seriously, trips to massages are $$$ and time consuming so, lets keep that for special occasions..

Self massage is NOT difficult. And, can be quite relaxing once you've gotten the hang of it. I'm a lazy person.. but by nature, who's not? So... initially I just like the idea of buying massage oils for the sake displaying it on the shelf. So it looks as though I did use them. I got all my massage oils from Body Shop. Okay... massage oils need no branding. But then again... the Body Shop was having its annual sale... So there goes a splurge... On my shelf you will find... soya carrier oil, almond oil, lavender massage oil, ylang ylang massage oil and lavender essential oil.

After about a year++ on the shelf... (they were collecting dust), I decided. What the heck... how tiresome can self massage be? So I Googled for some tips on self massage techniques...

which were pretty good actually... Occasionally, I'll practice this before going to bed... Not everyday though.. But... You do wake up feeling... emm... your muscles have loosen a little... That's a good sign right? I guess, 'cos it felt good.

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