Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Bag Organiser - say goodbye to messy handbags

For the Messy Lenglui

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Lenglui's never appear to look like they are rummaging their handbags for thier mobiles or wallets. Instead, they just reach into their bags, and voila - the wallet... or keys... or mobile. And that is why... I was psyched when I saw the Bag Organiser! All your stuff go into little organised pockets. And... there's even a string that hooks you to your keys so you'll never have problem finding your keys again! Below is a pic on how its used.

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Below is a pic on the one I got from the Curve in Damansara. (I got mine at RM29.90... but I think this retails at about RM39.90 - RM49.90) Mine's the one in grey:

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Okay, so I admit.. I only got excited over this for a couple of months. After that I decided, hell... this is proving to be an extra weight in my bag so its out of my bag for now. The only important thing that I'm always having trouble searching for are my keys and... the Kipling bag has got that problem sorted out for me. Depends... if you think you've got a bag with too many little stuff that are hard to find, I think this would really help. Besides, this definitely helps if you frequently switch bags. Just take out the bag organiser with all your stuff still in the compartments, and switch bags!

  • Great for medium to bigger size bags. Not for pursesize bags or wristlets
  • Even tho you can adjust the size of the bag organiser (the pockets are detachables), I think this adds on the extra weight to your smaller bags
  • Not for bigger items like water bottles or umbrellas (duh)
  • Perfect for wallets, tissues, cameras, pens, mobiles, cosmetics (if you don't already have a pocket size cosmetic bag)

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