Friday, January 23, 2009

No More Tobacco-Stink Hair From Clubs...

Kose Happy Bath Day Hair Fragrance Spray

No... I'm not advertising for Kose... lol... Don't their adverts just look so pretty on the blog... :p

And so... Why Hair Cologne? Isn't that too much ^^wiff^^ to take from one's hair??

Okay, so imagine these scenarios:
  • You look hot, you look sexy.... coming out from the club... But... when your bf and friend's accidentally sniffs your hair... Ewwwwwwww.... Smoked laden hair!
  • Hawker stalls... Chinese food... Those huge woks and yummy aromas of asian cuisine! While you sit there... looking pretty... waiting for the food to be served... and your hair decides its a sponge which absorbs all the tasteful aroma of deep fried food... And... when that sexy dude decides to take a chair and sits next to you... You fling your hair flirtatiously... And... release the aroma of emm... deep fried cuttlefish! Uh-huh....
  • You go in the karaoke lounge... ready to be this minute's hot pop-star... And.... dance around with the mic in hand... and a sing-along partner undecidedly takes a wiff at your hair... and he thinks... "she smells like ciggies".. woooooo....

Talk about mood spoilers...

So now... there are stuff in this world that actually helps you avoid the scenes above. Yeah... said it earlier... Hair Cologne. Apart from neutralising unwanted ordor in your hair... they can be protective layering for your beloved crown too... Take Sexy Girl Hair Cologne for example, moisturises and protects hair from heat as well. Now... thats a muti-use cologne...

But since I've only got the Kose one, I'll do a review on it:

  • Kinda too sweet smelling for me... So one little spray on the hair goes a long way...
  • Does not dry the hair
  • Pretty good at keeping your hair smoke-scent-free
  • Affordable but not cheap... Got this at about RM40 if I'm not wrong... So I use this only when I need it... :p
(Update 8th Oct 2009)
Link to the latest revamped Jap site:


  1. Where can I get this?

  2. Hi Nadia,

    You can actually get the Kose one online (do a google on it) and if you're in Malaysia, check out a Guardian pharmacy outlet so you may sample the Sexy Girl Hair Cologne. They've got 3 (kinda sweet smelling) fragrances.

    p/s - If you're planning on going to overly smoky area... spray both before going in and after getting out of the smoky area.

  3. Ok, thank you for a quick reply..=)
    I'm from Malaysia. So, Kose is not sold at Sasa?I thought of going there this week.

  4. Ah... just saw this last comment :p

    Hi Nadia,

    No, I haven't seen the Kose Hair Cologne in SASA... :p And also.. I do hope the Ettusais product actually worked for you! :)

  5. Is it true that this hair range has been discontinued?

  6. Okiee... I don't think its discontinued. They just revamped their packaging... hehehe... decided to google a bit... I think you can still purchase this online since i saw this on sasa's site. From googling, seems like this is quite a hit.

  7. Really? But I don't see any shampoo and conditioner under this label.. Are they trying to close this product?
    Anyway, I already purchased Aussie shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner online!

    After seeing so many good reviews on it and actually saw the marvelous effect on a blogger's hair, I've decided to give it a try.

    Will share with you later dear..=)