Friday, January 9, 2009

Spa Trips To Beauty?

For lengluis who do not go to spa this post will give you an insight on types of spas and the kind of stuff you do there. Or rather, what the beauty experts do to you there. Lengluis who frequent spas too often, maybe you'd need to rethink the "too often" part.. Come on, spas are like treats. If you go there too often, its not going to feel special anymore. I feel that spas are like a relaxing short holiday retreat... so, they should stay as the treat that they are!

After going to a few different range of spas, from saloon type spas to 5-star spas... these are the sort of treatment you get in spas...

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Insights on a typical Spa in Asia:
  • Real relaxing environment with some aroma oil burners around
  • Normally comes with a jacuzzi, a steam room, a sauna and some treatment rooms
  • Korean and Japanese spas have special hot/cold pools and emm.. you'd strut around naked there... Together with everyone else... LOL...
  • You'd usually get treatments like facials, massage, manicure, pedicure, hydrotherapy treatments all in one go
  • You'd usually stay there from 3 hrs to the whole day
  • Most spas don't serve food. Though, in KL there is one that does and you can stay there from 10am to 12am just for the short treat since food is inclusive... (Don't know why, but recently that spa haven't been maintained all that well... but I'm not going to mention any spa names here)
  • Most spas make you sign a package deal.. So extra treatments means extra $$$ spent

What to look for in a spa:
  • Cleanliness, well equip spas and well staffed spas are the best
  • Check the environment... If it doesn't look or feel relaxing, there's no point 
  • Peak at the product brands that they use... If it looks dodgy... don't
  • E.g. The massage bed should have a hole through to rest your face in. Otherwise, you'd end up with mighty uncomfortable neck
  • Spas that serve food are great 'cos then it'd be value for money and you get to stay there the whole day with some girlfriends or your other half

Spas in Asia:
  • You have to be prepared to walk around nude in Korean and Japanese spas
  • Their spas are great 'cos you'd feel really relaxed with their cold weather and the utmost warm relaxed feel at the spas
  • If you feel kinda conscious, ask for the mini scrub towel... and cover your umm... shy bits... hehehehe
  • The 5-star hotel spas in Chiangmai, Thailand are great... cos' they are half the price from the one's in KL with the same rating
  • Try avoiding dodgy spas... If their advert or location looks dodgy, don't waste your cash
  • Those in the jungle style Bali, KL, ClubMed spas are actually really nice, though, they come at a price
  • Spas are a great retreat, when you're relaxed, you'd feel more lenglui... hahahahaha...
  • But don't think you'd turn into a lenglui overnight just by going to spas
  • Spas are like an all-in-one single beauty course with lotsa $$$ going out of your pocket
  • Do DIY spas at home instead... and save the cash for when you feel like a short retreat... That's when your spa trip comes in...

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