Friday, January 9, 2009

Faking a blemish-free complexion (Averine Cover Spot Concealer)

** to be continued **

The reason why I've gotten so slow on updating this is because... I would like to take a before-after photo to publish here so you can see what difference a concealer makes. All women who's at the losing end of a combat with acne... seriously, you needn't go out feeling like the end of the world... there's always help. For temporary relieve of the heart.. get a good cover spot concealer. You WILL feel more confident going about.

I'm doing a blog on Averine for one HUGE reason: IT COVERS ACNE BETTER THAN ANY OTHER CONCEALERS I'VE TRIED! Not even the BB cream can beat this. When you get HUGE cystic RED acne, only a good cover spot helps. Go Google and you'll see what I mean. You'll find many discussion forums on babes talking about the Averine one. This cover spot was recommended by a good friend of many years. And honestly, its the best I've came across. I've tried Body Shop's tea tree cover spot, Guerlain's one, Yves Rocher... hmm... Vichy... lets see... there were tonnes of others... And non of them did the job like Averine. Cut me some slack time... I'll update the photos to show you what I mean. Trust me... you wouldn't have noticed the acne-loaded skin... after the cover.

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