Friday, January 9, 2009

Olympus Mju 725 - Waterproof, shockproof, and girl-proof hahahhaha...

The Camera That Won't Drown

My first digital camera drowned - in the sea. Though I managed to retrieve it from the water, my itchy hand that turned on the camera while it was still drenched in saltwater short-circuited it. I was heartbroken...

Below is the pic of my current digital camera... The tougher than ever Olympus Mju 725!

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No, this camera will not drown. It is to some extent shockproof and waterproof.. Before getting this, I was trying to decide between this and the Pink Sony T-10. (see below... pink to match my PSP ma...)

The Hot Sony Pink T-10

But, Lengcai got me the Mju 725 as a x'mas gift last year... So... we can now stop thinking about pink cameras. Now you're probably wondering... what's with women and the color of a camera?! Aren't the features in the camera more important? LOL... Well yeah.. that too and the outlook of the camera.

A Good Review on the Olympus Mju 725

The Mju-725 is slim, easy to pocket in the handbag, and... it can withstand butterfingers! Also... I love watersports... Surfing, water rafting, swimming, waterfalls, snorkeling, jet-skiing... So yeah... anything with water... and so, the camera has got to be drown-proof! I know that Olympus came up with way better versions of the Mju-725... Women... if you've got butterfingers, love the outdoors, and haven't got time to worry that your camera will drown in mud, snow, sand or saltwater... I'd hugely recommend you to look at the Olympus shockproof and waterproof compact camera range! You'd be surprise how many ground-falls it can take and how many underwater pics you can capture!

  • Been my baby since!
  • It has gone snorkeling with me like for the whole year and still... working just fine
  • It has weathered through my betterfingers
  • Not exactly a camera for nightshots unless you have a tripod
  • Not as pretty as the pink T-10, but.... imagine... if the T-10 drowned... uh-huh.... I wouldn't want to imagine that... lol..
  • The screen display is nowhere close to the ones on a Sony or a Lumix.. but.. heck... its good enough for me
  • Picture quality not as pretty as a Cannon... but yeah? Can a Cannon survive a 1m fall?

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