Friday, January 9, 2009

Pola Lepoze Hot Esthe Gel

Blackhead Removal Gel??

Japanese are beauty geniuses... They come up with all sorta cool stuff... Regardless if they do work or not... the verdict is always the same for all of them beauty products from Japan - They are always nice to use.

Now... this is what the gel claims to do:

Japan Pola Lepoze Hot Heated Black Head Removal Gel

Polyethylene, Tea, Microcrstaline Cellulose, Glycerin, BG, DPG, Medicinal Carbon, Disopropyl Sebacate, Methyl P-Hydroxybenoate, Spice.

Removes dead skin and impurities thoroughly from your face! Recommended use 1-2 times a week. Apply a thin layer onto face and gently massage the whole face. Remove it using cotton pads and rinse with water.

So yeah... I bought this 1 year ++ back.. And, I use this with the blackhead extractor tool below(optional):

My Verdict:
  • When applied, you'll feel some nice warm sensation on your skin... Its like the warmth is opening up your pores... Leave on for about 5mins before wiping off with cotton pad
  • If you've tried HABA 2-Way Jell, yeah.. it feels the same
  • When wiping off with cotton pad, you'll notice your cotton pad turning blackish dirt.. Cool.... So are the blackheads gone yet???
  • No. embedded blackheads are still intact... It doesn't come off just like that. Sigh... so much for the excitement... lol
  • Some suggestions: What I noticed is that, after cleansing with cotton pad, you'll notice that embedded blackheads slides out easily when you use the blackhead extractor tool. its like you've oiled the blackheads so it slides out easier from your open follicle.
  • So... no. The product does not directly removes blackheads.. But if used with the blackhead extractor tool... you'll find the task of removing blackheads much easier now
  • Now cleanse your face with water, your skin would feel perfectly cleansed... I love this bit! Squeaky clean... but... skin moisture is still intact!
  • So in conclusion... yes... its worth the buy!


  1. hi where can i get the gel above? tried ebay but cant find it :(

  2. Hi,

    Depending on where you're from, perhaps you can get it online from these sites:

    Or if you're from KL, there's a Lady First shop in Midvalley and I saw this being sold in a few other Shopping Malls as well.

  3. Does this leave visible red marks after extraction? I have them everytime after extraction, despite using product that can soften my follicles.

  4. Hi Chan,

    I still get visible red marks when using the blackhead extractor tool. As long as you start pressing the metal tip onto your skin surface, it is still going to leave a mark..

    But you needn't press so hard anymore when used with the Pola Lepoze gel 'cos the blackhead slides out easier. (^o^) Hope this helps!