Friday, January 9, 2009

Hair Serums (Fudge de frizz Vs Tresemme - No Frizz Serum)

The Battle of the Serums

There comes a point in life where you will decide you want to splurge on hair serums... Why? Of course in the end its all in the name of glossy-frizz-free-nicely groomed mane.

My hair is nothing to be proud of. That's only cos' I've been torturing it with trips to saloons trying out different colour locks. So I've tried, red, blue, blonde, brown, purple... and almost everything in between. I think you get the picture... My hair needs help.. Big-time!

So when treatment trips to the saloon becomes time-consuming and costly... we go in search of home-treatments or quick hair-fix. Serums!

I've had my share of serums... some of them worth mentioning... Ellipse (cheap and good but kinda too greasy after a long-day), Missha Hair-Mist Serum (a very affordable Korean brand... smells really good but too greasy as well after a long-day)... and... hmm... I kinda can't remember what else.

But when I found Fudge de frizz... I thought... hey... This is a life saver! It comes with a price though.... $$$... I think it costs about RM60 (Don't remember exactly though) And then a year later of Fudge de frizz... I tried this brand - Tresemme - No Frizz Serum... It costs about half the price of Fudge's. And you know what? The results are similar to Fudge's. Non-greasy, smells faintly nice, and perfect for taming frizzes. So yay to Tresseme!!!


  1. Fudge de frizz cost rm62 from shins.. keke~

  2. use coconut oil & olive oil! google it!

  3. I've tried fudge as well, love it but too costly. where to get tresseme??? i wanna try!!

  4. Hi Jys,

    You may find Tresseme no frizz serum in most Guardian outlets in KL. Or anywhere else carrying the Tresseme products... :p

  5. If u want to get Fudge products, I can give u 20% off recommended retail price.
    I am a distributor.

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  6. Ooo noooo..... advertisement on my post.... (--)"