Friday, January 9, 2009

How to Make Your Clothes Look Good On You

Lee the Tailor

Okay... I'm not some filthy rich girl who has everything... Not every dress fits me right.. (I'm pear-shape by the way) But... wearing real expensive quality clothes won't make you the dressiest girl in the room... Take a HINT... Alter your clothes to fit your figure!

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Clothes we buy are not custom-made to fit our bodies. They go by the general measurements to fit a certain generic size. No, not everyone has the perfectly proportioned bust-waist-hips-height... That's why we spend more time on actually trying out clothes in the dressing room rather than buying what we saw that we thought would look good on us in the first place.

You know that dress in the closet that you wouldn't touch even though you thought it looks fantastic... but really... it looks fugly on you? Yeah... so look for a nice tailor in your housing area... If you can't find any, ask your friends! Let me emulate how an alteration can change how you look in that dress...

Before Alteration
Dress makes you look bulkier than you really are and doesn't sit well on your figure

After Alteration

Dress looks figure-flattering and just as you thought it would look on you when you decided to buy it

And..... Puuuuh..... leeeeeease............. there's no such thing as not being able to afford a tailor. For altering a simple blouse you'll only need about RM3-RM10 depending on what you're altering. For most part, my blouses or dresses altered are between RM5-RM10. And for simple darts... you only need about RM3. If you can afford to buy that dress... Don't tell me you can't afford a simple alteration.. (--)" The dress probably cost's way more than RM3. Of course... you'll need to find a home-tailor that you can trust. Rule of thumb: don't go to those alteration-pro shops... unless you're prepared to fork out more $$ on your clothes.

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