Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cover ME Pore!! - Pore concealers to faking a smooth pore-less skin... lol

Trust me, there is no such thing as a miracle serum or laser treatments which SHRINKS thy pores... The hard cold fact -  "Unfortunately, there is no way to permanently shrink large pores."

Haihhh... we knew that was a fact from the start.... Talk about denial.... Huhuhuhuhu... Also, as we age, reduction in skin elasticity is a huge factor (apart from oil and dirt and genetics) that contributes to dilated pores. Help...................

Okay, so there are loads of over-the-counter cosmetics that fakes lengluis skin by making them looking pore-less... Again, we lengluis need to fake it... but what-the-heck its really a small issue anyway... Don't we all know it... Of course you gotta know which products work and which doesn't and there are countless of reviews on these products already  so this will be iwannabelenglui's summarized analysis from Uncle G. LOL.... sounds so technical...

Lets summarize the tried and tested:

  • Kate Pore Concealer
    • Fragrance free
    • Does not make your pores disappear
    • Nice to use cos it's like sucking up the oil from your pores so less blackhead at the end of the day
    • Affordable and available at SaSa or Watson's KL
  • Benefit The Pore Professional
    • Light lemony floral scent
    • Feels nice on the pores also like sucking up the oil from your pores so less blackhead at the end of the day
    • Again, pores are still visible
    • Feels like it does almost the same thing as Kate Pore Concealer
    • Pricing's almost like Kate if you counted the amount/g Vs Price

  • Ettusais Pore Smooth Concealer
    • More like a skin primer
    • No, the pores are still very much visible
    • Feels just like a make up primer
    • On the pricier side

Lets summarize the one that has "See The Proof" by fellow lenglui bloggers:

  • Sana Pore Putty
    • Oh... most lenglui blogs has had reviews on this
    • Nope, the before after pics are not no good... No sure-fire yes it works pic
    • But... lets have more research on this first since most reviewees rate this 4/5... hohohoho


  • Though lengluis will never manage to make our pores disappear, we can always hide it muahahahaha
  • Hiding our pores require good products and faking skills (hohoho) so we won't further dilate them
  • Dariya is the next best options so iwannabelenglui will be on a hunt for them!


  1. hi. where to get dariya in kl?

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I couldn't find it in the regular beauty shops in KL either...

    Will be purchasing this on-line when I finish the Kate pore concealer I'm using for now...

    Happy hunting (^o^)