Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shiseido Prosynergy Multi Protective Lotion - The Ultimate Lazy Lengluis Hair Treatment?

It's not that we think lengluis should start being lazy and not care for their hair... and just spritz on some super-duper protective lotion and voila! Hair stays perfect!! .... Truth be told..... there is no such miraculous product that does that for lengluis to achieve the ultimate perfect locks. If there was.... guess who'd be the first to jump on the bandwagon to sample it?? LOL.....

That being said, lets do some reviews on Shiseido Prosynergy Multi Protective lotion... Which you lengluis will most probably have sampled if you do hair treatment in any saloon using Shiseido products. The reason why iwannabelenglui is publicizing this product is because:
  • Again, as said always, Japanese products are mighty nice to use
  • They smell reassuringly subtle (never overpowering) and feels good to use
  • Even if the effect is not like whoaa.... they normally do an okay job of trying to do what they claim to do
  • Oh well... if you use Tsubaki shampoo and liked it.... having a Shiseido treatment right at home is a bliss

More info on how lengluis can get their hands on this:
  • It's about RM78 if you go to a saloon which carries this product in KL. E.g; A-Saloon in Pyramid or Empire Subang
  • Notice that the saloon's normally left with only a couple of bottles or sometimes you'd be greeted with the "sorry babe, no stock" look
  • Its RM50++ if you would like to get it direct from Japan from here (except that you'd be paying for shipping)
  • Or if you're not from KL, checkout places like eBay or here 

Lets wait for more reviews on this when iwannabelenglui've sampled like half the bottle... lol... As they say, you shouldn't really review a product until you've used like 50% or more of it...

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