Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lengluis guide to Easy Summer Clothes!!

I figured that since iwannabelenglui comes from a tropical climate, we might as well talk about clothes that packs in light, speed dry quick, are super-comfortable and super sexy!

Check out the Roxy 100% polyester keepsake dress above or Billabong's Twisted dress below... hohohoho....

Okay, so whats the whole point of this post?

We'd like to suggest lotsa comfortable 100% polyester or nylon clothings that take lengluis in and out of water and are great for outdoors. Okay, so maybe this wouldn't go too well in a jungle hike. Duh... lol...

But still.. lengluis who travel around or live in tropical climates would thrive on beachwear! (... and cotton but that's not the whole point of this post) Imagine boardshorts, 3 quarter super lightweight polyester pants and summer dress which takes like 30 mins to air dry after getting drenched in rain water, sweat, seawater or just plain wash pipe water. Of course, pure cotton clothing would be the utmost comfortable wear but... if you're planning on getting wet or having clean clothes in your backpack when travelling back... think soft polyester!

In short:

  • These clothes take like 30 minutes or less to dry in a tropical climate
  • They are so super lightweight and anti bulk that you can pack like 5 dresses and 5 board shorts and maybe another 5 pretty tops in a teeny weeny backpack!
  • The garments are strong and tear proof (unless of course if you try cutting them with scissors duh!)
  • You can travel out with a light backpack and also travel home in a light backpack with clean clothes since they dry super fast.
  • They don't do much to contain sweat though... try Uniqlo range of sweat comfortable clothes instead.
  • iwannabelenglui packs light on a typical road trip, surf trip... and loves wearing them for a nice street shopping day out in KL!

Some Tips:
  • Find a cut which suits you
  • If you're a lenglui who don't do dresses well, get same fabric tops and board shorts or comfortable skirts instead.
  • These garments are addictive and since one with a good cutting are normally found in stores with reputable brands (think O'Neil, Billabong and Roxy), you needn't stock up on them. Come on... they go nicely in the wash machine and dry like super fast so you can put them on again. How many of them pieces do you need?!

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