Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dark Circles - Be gone!! Be gone!! - but heck... its still mysteriously always there

Ah... the never ending battle with dark under-eye circle. Its one thing I'm really not qualified and don't deserve to blog about. Cos' its the one condition that I've not seen any miracle cream or serum working. You can Google for "dark circle" and see how many products and sites that claims to help.. Seriously, they're worth a better read... The only reason I'm blogging on this is because someone asked me too... (--)"

Come on, you seriously don't expect me to tell you that putting tea bags or cold spoons on your eyes are going to make them prettier do you? Maybe they'll help a little... but I certainly didn't see any difference... LOL... Even though I'm blessed with eyes minus the under-eye dark circles... I've been with a friend who's lived with this dreaded problem for ages.. Just mention anything that "might" work.... there! **poof** (--)" she goes and try it...

A couple of years ago... I went with this girl on this crazy dark-circle cure-finding trip. Everyone calls her "panda eyes"... No, we didn't travel around the world in search of the much needed cure... Instead, we did the little stuff that "normal" people do. We bought affordable different eye products to experiment and consulted several beauticians on this matter. As expected, each beautician has a solution. And, each product promises much more than they deliver. Today my good friend still lives with her dark circles... and... A CONCEALER!

So what really causes dark circles? More than often this is hereditary. And... if you're fair skinned, it becomes even more obvious. (ah... but, I've also known darker skin toned people with eczema who has very bad dark circles too) Those horrific dark circles under your eyes are actually caused by "leaky capillaries" and... no cream in the world is going to save you from that. That, we've learn t so far. But... they are too many products out there that claims otherwise. If you really want to know if these products make any difference I think you should checkout this woman's blog. Her blog is dedicated to getting rid of under-eye dark circles MyDarkCirclesBlog and... I think she's a heroine. I mean... she's even blogged about the popular Hylexin-T and blepharoplasty surgery. Heck... surgery sounds like they very much are the only real help!

A couple of affordable easy access stuff I've tried that are worth mentioning (not because they work, but because they're pretty nice to use):
  • L'Occitane Immortelle Eye Balm -> This was a pretty heavy cream for the around eye area. Not sure why, but I liked it. Or perhaps when I was using it... I was possibly dreaming that this will make sure I never grow crow's feet at the sides of my eyes... hahahahaha...
  • Guerlain Issima Perfect White C Whitening Eye Serum -> This was the only eye serum/cream that actually made a little difference to the dark tone under my eyes. Seems to brighten the tone a little.. Then again... maybe not really... But I trust this works best among all the mid-range stuff I've tried. A little caution if you do try this: try avoid getting this into your eyes.. they sting!
  • Eyecon by Benefit -> Another way-too-cute-to-resist stuff by Benefit. This is really light textured and emm... I think kinda like fragrance free... But... no. It doesn't do anything even after a whole jar.

  • Eye Massager -> No. As much as I'd like to buy crazy stuff... I did not buy this.. My dad did! He claims that the sales rep says it'd eliminate your dark circles! LOL.... duuuuuh... of course they'd say that. So yeah... I was on this for a week since my dad kept insisting that I tried it. No, it didn't do anything to the eyes.. But hmm... feels like your eyes are being tapped lightly... and you'll look like you're playing some virtual reality thing... lol...


I have not found anything that guarantees to help get rid of your dark circle. If there was... I think my friend would be living a happy "panda free" eye today. So if you do happen to have tried any cream/serum/gunk that work to eliminate all traces of dark circle tone under the eye... TELL ME HERE!!! I think a bunch of ever hopefuls here would be indebted to you for life!!