Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CollagenMax (Updated 27th March 2009)

New Stuff Baby!!! (updated 27th March 2009)

Okay... I'm back to update this. Needless to say, I'm in no position to provide any before-after photos for this since I'm down with food allergy and the acne on my neck and lower cheeks are pretty bad. But I think... one photo blog is enough to show the effects of liquid collagen.. Checkout my blog on Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink... From what I gather, liquid collagen shows quicker results if compared to normal collagen supplements. Of course the absorption rate is higher.

Look, if you're feeling real ugly and down in the blues, thinking of saggy skins, opened pores and drooping boobs and butt.. basically you're feeling that you're aging... Give this a go. A box is worth the excitement of anticipating bouncy skin. And... if it doesn't work for you... heck... its not like this costs a bomb. After all... we should all age gracefully...

I gave this a green light starting last week. It works just the same as the Kinohimitsu one. I still get really firmed up moisturised skin after 2 days of consuming a bottle. Its amazing how these things work (I'm 28 by the way). Even my mum (55 this year) is starting on them now... Only... its cheaper and more worth your cash $ since you get 9000mg of marine collagen per bottle as oppose to the Kinohimitsu one which is 2500mg of marine collagen per bottle. However, both has its pros and cons.. which I'm going to list down below:

Kinohimitsu J’pan Beauty Drink



Nice like fruit juice

Fishy sweet liquid

Collagen Per Bottle



Other Ingredients

Perilla Seed Extract-WSP, Silk Protein, Soy Isoflavone, Apple, Lemon and Lycee Condensed Juices

Vitamin Bs, Vitamin C, Flavoring (I forgot… let me go home check the box again)

Collagen Source

Not Stated (Fish Collagen)

Deep Sea Cod


3 days 1 bottle

3 days 1 bottle

Pricing per bottle



Pricing per 1000mg of Collagen



Quality of Product

Claims to use all natural ingredients

Contains flavoring and synthetic consumable substance

My Preference

If money was no object, I’d choose Kinohimitsu anyday. They taste better and the ingredients does seemed of better stuff.

Obviously I now favour CollagenMax. A bottle is worth 3 bottles of the Kinohimitsu one and… they worked just the same.


  1. how much does the collagen max cost? and what ingredients is it made of?

  2. collagen max is made in japan. Kinomisu is made in china...

  3. When on promo... it costs RM148 in Watsons or Caring Pharmacy... Otherwise... I think It costs RM159... :p hope this helps...

  4. how about the new collagen drink call FirmUp? it contain 5000mg of low molecule aqueous marine collagen with CoQ10 for only 69.90 in Guardain for 10 bottles. :D

    It hardly find CoQ10 drink malaysia with collagen just like Fancl in Singapore

  5. Kinohimitsu NOT made in China .. Is MADE IN TAIWAN ... haha .. and also is a GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practice ) is a good product ... Bcos i'm the supporter ....

  6. Does any one heard about Origen Plus ? Don't know how is the effect ? Same with Kinohimitsu ? If any one has try before, please let me know. Thank you.

  7. What's the difference between fancl and this?

  8. Hey there :)

    I'll leave the other commenter s to comment.. since I haven't tried Fancl or Origen Plus :p

  9. i had tried Origen Plus, just imagine orange juice with a bit fishy taste. I feel not so nice loh.

  10. The price is consider cheap loh, rm160 for 30 packets. if 2 days 1 packet, can last for 2 mths leh.

  11. you all should try Origen Plus. 30 packet for 1 month. 5000 mg. cheaper than any brands of collagen and better effect. consume everyday for first three months then alternate 2 or 3 days per packet for maintenance. I HAVE TRIED IT !!! EXCELLENT EFFECT !!!

  12. I tried OrigenPlus. Will taste great with mango based yoghurt half cup mix in with half cup of cold water & the origenplus. Try it!

  13. i have tried ORIgenPlus, and have been trying it ever since..the result is so obvious and nice taste, more than a tasty treat! Imagine everyday 5000mg deep sea fish collagen imported from Japan and 508mg Vitamin C, anti oxidant beta carotene, and France Mono-hydrate!!! Only RM160 per month! where to find? besides, halal, gmp, haccp. iso..well, what can i say? wanna be leng lui, this is it!

  14. Highly recommend ORIgenPlus advice is, it works for me! It help to alleviate my pimple scars and give me back my confidence! I tried other brand especially liquid form collagen supplement before but..:-( this one though is powder form, it works! All the matter..:_)

  15. can nursing mom consume collagen drink?

  16. all the beauty maintenance products should take for long term basis, we have to take everyday for 1st 3 months because our body required high dosage initially to supplement the loss of collagen & nutrients, then maintain with lower dosage. Those collagen drink advise u to take alternate 2/3 days because their selling price is extremely expensive, if take 3 days once then consumer thought is cheap. just marketing story la..Clinical study shown optimum dosage for skin health is 3000-5000mg collagen per day. For bone & joint health, 10000mg per day, take everyday for good results..

  17. nursing mom can take collagen but makesure is solely contain collagen. Why we always advise not to take any supplements during pregnant and nursing because we unsure if there any hidden ingredients which is not listed. So, be careful. Is better not to take any supplements during pregnant and nursing.

  18. I noticed that ORIgenPlus Collagen i bought the other day written "not recommending for pregnant or lactating women"...i actually amazed as this is very honest and informative,

    unlike other brands i consumed before, not only without this statement, when i asked the promoter they even said "no problem for pregnant or lactating women"....

    That's why i choose ORIgenPlus Collagen (5000mg low molecule deep sea fish collagen) to keep my beauty in state:-)

  19. I just started taking ORIgen 4 days ago, too early to comment anything yet. But so far I don't see anything negative about this product from various forums/blogs. It boosts my confidence and I intend to give this product a try for 3 months. Hope it works..

  20. How to drink? 3 day drink a bottle or 1 bottle mix with water for 3 day?

  21. I'm consuming the Collagen Max for 3mths+. It's works well on my skin. Finelines ard eyes & lips are disapperaed! pores are invisible & skin tone is much brighter & radiance! It's not whitier,its radiance from inner out! The result is amazing!!!I'm 32yrs old & I consumed the drink daily. Spent abt rm1.5k over 3mths time. Will take it alternately from 4mths onwards for maintenance...wil come bac for comment 1mth then...:)

  22. HI, i'm taking Elixir Q10 BioCell Collagen II for only a month, and the result is amazing. I'm 33 years old. Actually after 2 weeks i've taken it, some relatives noticed that my skin have became radiance and firm, totally differ from my old self. Like what upstair said: we need to take 15000mg everyday for both our skin, joints&bones health MAINTANANCE. Just imagine how much you need to replenish before you can maintance it in 15000mg.I've compare many collagen product in the market, i find that ELIXIR Collagen II is the only one that have 3 US patent (that means their formula really works). Some people find that ELIXIR pricey, but i think it worth it if you carefully study it's dosage(20000mg), anti-oxidant(pine bark extract, grape seed extract), chondroinitine & glucosamine, L-Arginine, Hyluonate Acid and Ascobic Acid. All these make a complete formula works for our body internally(hormone, bones etc) and externally. Feel free to ask me if u want to know more.

  23. recommend for ORIgenPlus Collagen, not only money worth but result proven! It has up to 150,000 mg japan deep sea fish derived collagen per box! I know other brand of collagen are cool as well, but i gonna stick with the one that works for me, so far ORIgenPlus enable me to absorb 5000mg collagen everyday without skipping! read more testimonials from here

  24. Must stick with this drink everyday? i heard from other that the 1st box which is 10 bottles have to drink it everyday, after that 3 days 1 bottle..Are they same result with drink everyday?


  25. will this collagen brighten then skin?

  26. Hi anonymous(es)...

    I don't find drinking this everyday making much of a difference... In the end it comes down to how much collagen protein your body is able to absorb :p

    Some people claims collagen helps brightens the skin a little... But for me.. I don't see very obvious effects in the skin lightening part...

    Hope this helps! (^o^)

  27. collagen have to drink everyday but one needs to find the quality manufacturer such as whether it has haccp,iso, or even halal...that can enhance confident.

    It needs to consume everyday without skipping because just like washing your face, we need to do that everyday without skipping right? same applied to our inner skin.

    In fact, collagen itself can not do any help in whitening skintone, it just firming and repairing damage skin cell, so we need to see whether the collagen product contains vitamin c or other whitening active ingredients. because vitamin c has been well known for its whitening effects.

    another wrong conception needs to be clarify here, some people thought co-q10 really do a wonder if consume together with collagen, but if the truth is known, co-q10 is just one of the anti aging agents that helps for anti aging. There's many anti aging active ingredients out there as well, and no prove to show which one is "the best".

    Anyway, consuming collagen everyday is a must as we are aging day after day and choosing among various brand is a difficult task, but i prefer to choose the one which provide value for money and making me happier.