Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Etsu Potion Mask - Collagen another step?

Collagen Mask...

I bought this mask to try when it was first introduced in KL several years back. And... very much being a "jakun", I haven't had my own DIY mask that came with a miniature mixer bowl and mask-brush. So when I first saw this.... WHOAAA>>> so cool!! Its like having your own facial saloon right at home... lol

  • This mask is relatively easy to mix and its really quite cool 'cos you'll end up with some gelatin-like texture mask to be brushed on your skin
  • I hate the part where you've gotta wash it off. Amazingly the mask always leaves residue on your face even when you wash it off using the wash sponge. Yeah... that sucks
  • I think it kinda soothes your skin after you so some DIY facial like picking out blackheads with the blackhead tool
  • Overall... I don't really think its worth the price. Might as well get some soothing korean mask. Topical application of collagen as facial mask doesn't really seem to do much. Afterall.. its does not penetrate through your upper layer epidermis... so then... whats the point?
  • But this doesn't make Etsu's stuff all bad.. They do have a range of collagen supplemants too you know... So maybe... those are worth better reviews. But... since I've not tried that and don't plan to for now.. who knows... Go Google your money's worth.. :p

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