Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Skin Allergies? Lactose Intolerance? Welcome to my world - Bioxil Inner D-TOX

Pro-biotics and Pre-biotics...?

I came across this by accident when I walked into Asterspring beauty saloon which carries Dermalogica and Averine products. No, I didn't go there for facial.. I stop facial ages ago after realising my breakouts are caused by internal factors and, facial only makes things worse. I went there to get the Averine concealer... But... the Bioxil Inner-D range were displaying on the racks... and whoaaa.... NEW STUFF. **cooool!!** And, it claims to help skin problems due to allergies...! muahahaha...

And I did the predictable... Start bombarding the beautician there with questions... Hmm.. I think she's more of a sales rep than a beautician. Lol. Okay, so fine. I'll just have a go at it. It costs RM128 per box of 30 sachets. So I guess that's not too much to ask for since I keep "accidentally" ingest dairy products...

  • You may take 1-2 sachet a day on an empty stomach
  • Dilute with water at room temperature
  • Tastes emm... surprisingly quite nice... like powdered room temperature unsweetened ice cream shake
  • Light pinkish coloured
  • Claims to have both prebiotics and probiotics that keeps your intestine happy
  • If you're lactose intolerant and have lots of stomach bloatedness or discomfort after ingesting dairy products, this may be worth a try. I seem to digest my food better after about 20 sachets...
  • I think my first box did help clear some blemishes... But I only saw results after one whole box... Then again... my nice clear skin then was probably because I was a good girl avoiding forbidden food... lol
  • I've been relying on this to help my stomach problem each time I ingest dairy products... So yeah... I've purchased several boxes over the years... Sometimes, you can get this at a lower price online... if there's a willing seller...
  • If you've already got nice clear skin and no stomach problem... don't waste your money. Go eat lots of fruits and veggies... Thats much better than ingesting some processed stuff like this


  1. i have urticaria problems. do you think this will help?

  2. Hi,

    Yeah... urticaria sucks... but mine only happens mildly once in a blue moon (more likely on the neck) due to food allergy... I'm not sure pre-biotics will help cos' it really depends on what allergen this targets.

    Then again... I'm no expert... Your best bet is anti-histamines and try to stay away from your allergens. Easier said than done... but yeah.. I'm trying to avoid anything with shellfishes (even oyster sauce) and milk.

  3. Hi, i have bought 1 box and consumed 1 sachet only. I would like to sell it off. Would you be interested to buy?

  4. Oooo!! I would but I just stocked up on a box.. The package now come with less sachets... (--)"

    But... since I've been taking dairy products again... lol... need to cleanse my stomach...

    Thanks for offering.. :p