Monday, March 23, 2009

On Bras.....

** to be continued**

Brassier comes in many different forms and brands. Really, it depends on "the occasion", "the clothes you're gonna wear over it or non" and perhaps... your comfort level for that day. Personal preference is based on individuality. I can of course only comment on bras for women of A to C cups... since... ahem... I'm only around there...

So yeah... been through the A's (long time back) and the B's (most of the time) and the almost C (which is only probably when my hormones decides a-ha.. its that time again...) No. Really. It really does not matter how big or small you are. It sure is possible to still look good.

Lets go through the bra types one should always have through their lives (I'll update the pics later when I finally find the time to snap some photos, or find one with Google):
  • the nude bra/free bra... whatever you call it
You could wear this with anything (except for extreme cleavage-cut tops) This is
perfect for backless clothes! The whole bra feels like silicon. If you've got heavy boobs,
forget about getting this... no matter what they say, your boobs are gonna droop so low it
feels like you've got no support.
  • the strapless
These bras are perfect for spaghetti strap clothes and of-shoulder blouses. But... honestly,
they feel a little insecure. Its like the bra keeps getting lower and lower by the minutes...
For a good strapless, I'd suggest you get one with silicon lined at the pipings of the bra.
They feel less comfortable, but... they're definitely more securely fastened.
  • low back bra-strap extensions
Seriously, these are quite useless. You might as well get the nude bra.
  • the non-padded
  • the little padded
  • the very padded
  • the u-bra
  • the convertible
  • the cleavage enhancing
  • the bikini
  • bra brands
** to be continued **

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