Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kinohimitsu BB Drink

And upgrade to its predecessor?

And... it was time to stock up on collagen drinks... LOL... I've been sticking to CollagenMax (produced in Japan) for a while... But here goes... NEW stuff from Kinohimitsu that caught my attention... They came up with so many diff drinks... that got me thinking... This must be the new $$$ making scheme that so easily con women like me... lol.. They really should award me with loyal consumer award when I start posting pics of my stash... hahahhaha...

Okiee lengluis.. Will be updating this soon-ish. Come on... You don't expect an immediate report on a collagen drink. We need to wait... for the effects-effects! LOL...

What the box says:
  • Ingredients: Acerola Cherry Extract, Bird's Nest Powder, Fructose, Fish Collagen, Rice Bran Ceramide, Fish Protein Elastin, Purified Water
  • Restores your skin natural glow and radiance. 
  • Regular intake helps to promote baby-like rosy complexion in just weeks.

Conclusion Update 1st December 2010:
  • I don't feel much difference from the normal collagen drink
  • LOL... 'cos  it contains collagen as well.. dope!
  • But I stopped after one box and switch back to CollagenMax
  • Don't know why, but Kinohimitsu collagen drink seems to encourage breakouts on my jawline
  • But I still love Kinohimitsu's packaging best! :p


  1. pregnancy can take it??

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Hmm... Not sure about that though since I'm not a doc. You should consult your family doctor on supplements when you're pregnant.. :)

  3. how much is it? and how many bottles are there in one box?

  4. Does it really works? Cause i jz bought one box

  5. hi aimisyafiqah, anonymous,

    Its about RM135 for 10 50ml bottles in a box.

    Kinohimitsu collagen drinks seem to give me breakouts.. Sighs... back to collagenmax :( But yeah, like all collagen drinks, you will eventually feel some difference in your skin (firmer) with regular consumption.

  6. breakouts??which means that the kinohimitsu collagen drink doesn't work?? sighs... i juz thought to buy it...huhu
    since you have the experiences in many types of collagen brands, can you suggest to me which can give the best effect?

  7. Hi Anonymous,

    Kinohimitsu one works... But I don't know why I always get breakouts if I take it... :( Maybe its the collagen source... I like CollagenMax. Does not taste good, and got preservatives... But it works best for me... :p

  8. hi sugar_cupcakes a.k.a lenglui :),

    maybe u're alergic to marine source collagen.just like my fren. coz it stated there fish collagen ri8

  9. hi faxxi... :)

    yeah, I think I may be allergic to the collagen source in the Kinohimitsu one that may be causing the previous breakouts.. CollagenMax states fish collagen too (deep sea code fish to be exact).. But no breakouts there... Probably a different marine source since I'm allergic to shellfishes and certain other fishies.. (--)"

  10. Too much collagen will cause breakouts..maybe de amount of it kinomitsu is much for you.

  11. Me too, but the break out is a good sign(detoxification) of skin renewal, esp. if you are more than 25 years old like me.They shall be gone after a while, as long as you take good care of them.