Wednesday, September 29, 2010

(EveScret) Moliting Magic Wonder Bra - Uplifts and shapes...

And yet again... the Bra fever...

LOL... to think that I'd be too busy to browse for addictive videos.. ITS A LIE!!

Come on.. I've been busy crazy again with work but.... that didn't stop this crazy women from getting conned by real convincing videos like this:

Now emm... THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE ITEM ON MY WISH LIST for now... Muahahahaha... When I do get this... Scoops here on iwannabelenglui !!

So now, what does the "marketing cons say"??

Moliting helps solving ladies’ 6 major problems:
  • naturally flat
  • postpartum atrophy
  • sagging
  • auxiliary breasts
  • spreading wide
  • compressed breasts
  • Moliting, with its “KE Magic Silicon Pad”, helps to clear the breasts meridian and improve blood circulation, for better ventilation and oscillation. Wearing it the whole day is like massaging your breasts all the time. Moliting is designed with 3 dimensional cuttings of the breasts, complementing the bust cup and your breasts. It improves the bustline, reduces fatty bulges and auxiliary breasts, upgrading your bustline from A cup to C cup.

Wutt??? A -> C??? LOL... Oh well, at least its still affordable.. I should really stop watching convincing adverts...

hohooho.. the crazy adverts did it again... hahaahha..

Update on the bras 8th Oct 2010:


  • yeah man... you'll be rocking cleavage in secs..
  • No Cleavage -----> DEEP CLEAVAGE
  • but emm.. forget about spaghetti strapped clothes cos the straps are thick and obvious
  • massaging the boob as claimed? Emm.. well... it does feel snugg
  • but still after half an hour of moving about... your pushed up boobs will start reducing in the cleavage.. lol.. I guess you'll need to readjust.. perhaps...
  • this only applies to me.. since I'm not the sorta person who sits still...

Design 2


  • NO... THEY DO NOT GROW YOUR BOOBS>>> LOL... But......
  • They are pretty heavy bras (since the build in silicon takes up most of the weight)
  • Fits snugly (I like... so whatever massage claims on this... emm... iwannabelenglui SUPPORT! hahahhhahahaa)
  • Hey, if you're going to get a bra, why not get one cool one like this bra (with a free matching undie) for the same price of a normal bra?
  • When you're going to stock up on bras.. I'd recommend you to consider this. LOL... Feels like I'm promoting for EveScret (Moliting) muahahaha...


  1. where can i get this?

  2. Hey Anonymous!

    If you're in China, you could just do a phone order from the number on the TV commercial! I almost did that from my hotel room! LOL..

    But... otherwise, just get this online.. There are several sites selling this, but I'd prefer one which the seller lets you try it out to get the correct size!

    Site examples for you to contact the seller:

    Hope this helps! (^o^)