Thursday, January 13, 2011

A lash/brow lifetime investment - Preri Wonder Styling Eyelash Comb

It's a New Year... 2011 marks goodbye to old cosmetics and... so I went on a RM1K cosmetic spree... I need to slap myself awake now... Crazy women... Heck... (--)" One of this year's resolution is to be a smarter consumer and spend less (the C cup resolution remains there every year even though not much progress lately... muahahaha)

And here I am, writing a post that is nothing on any of the cosmetics that went into the splurge.... (Though umm... part of the new splurge included really nice signature products from cosmetic household names like Averine compact smoothing powder, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Kate pore concealer, Shu Uemura. make up base mouse.. huhuhuhu..)

Spent several days looking at the new stash and decided... Aww... I really need to blog about this little cute-sie that's been sitting in my conman-toolbox. No, this again is not a cosmetic review... lol... Introducing the Preri Wonder Styling Eyelash Comb!!

Why am I reviewing a lash comb that costs a whopping RM50)?
  • Metal lash combs are really much much nicer to use compared with plastic ones (you only need one eyelash comb in your whole lifetime.. so trust me... get a good one)
  • The gap between the comb teeth are much narrower so it separates hairs evenly without removing too much of the mascara fibers
  • But easy enough to clean (stainless steel teeth)
  • Foldaway feature makes this travel friendly (folds to the length of my middle finger... lol)
  • There are 2 sides to this lash comb, the wider width for upper lashes and trimming eyebrows, the smaller one for lower lashes
  • Comb teeth are very slim so it makes eyebrow trimming a more relaxed task
  • A couple of other good brands carry this same comb, but the "Made in Japan" ones are of real nice quality... The Japs hit the nail right on yet again!
  • If you think this is too much to pay for a lash comb, I saw the non foldaway ones in SaSa for about RM29...
  • The teeth are pretty sharp... so umm... be careful not to poke your eyes with it! ...or you can use this as self-defense... hahahahhaha...
Someday... I'll need to try and do some reviews on my crazy conman stash... Still... every lenglui has her fav cosmetic secret to share. So ask Uncle Google and he'll spill the ton of makeup reviews for you! (^o^)


  1. Hahaha use as self-defense, you are very funny! Where did you purchase this?

  2. Hi Size UK4-6,

    hehehe... Thanks for commenting.. :p If you're from KL, this was purchased at Watson's Sunway Pyramid.