Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Adult Acne - DIY Lymphatic Massage

And here comes the main post which is the reason for my previous post on differentiating between adult and adolescent acne... So there is a reason sugar_cupcakes actually posted that up.. lol... cunning....

Regular DIY massage at home can help reduce the blockage of our lymph nodes which is one of the main causes for jawline acne... And because I'm so prone to getting jawline breakouts, it's time to share a translated step-by-step Japanese guide with you lengluis. I hope my translation with Uncle Google's help is accurate... LOL... The original step-by-step guide is from the Japanese Beauty Site - All About Mico

  • Always make sure your hands are clean before doing any skin massage
  • If you've already got severe acne on neck, chin and jawline, doing the massage incorrectly may further simulate sebum secretion and aggravate inflammation. Avoid this if you're not sure!
  • This helps with prevention for lengluis with the occasional jawline acne breakouts so I am a fan!


  1. lenglui~~ i was just checking out the hairstyle page.. i really like it! especially the japanese wan.. but the translation really bad T_T i think i will try one of it for my prom. hehehe thanks!

  2. Thanks for commenting! hehehe (*o*)... if only Uncle Google translates better in future...