Sunday, December 12, 2010

Do it at home Permanent Hair Removal... Whoaaa....


So I thought when I added advert gadgets to the blog, it would at least have made iwannabelenglui a more professional looking magazine-like blog. Or.... maybe, I could even earn some side income from the really miserable 2 cents visitor click on the adverts... Maybe another 10 years.... huhuhuhu...

Sad to say.......... I'm spending MORE by looking at the adverts myself...!! LOL... THIS IS BAD........

So okay, the last advert that got me really interested is this: VISS IPL(Intense Pulse Light) Hair Removal System

 Why this is so interesting?
  • Because previously I paid like a crazy RM4k to do emmm... full LHE on underarms, bikini lines and leg
  • Even so, that was totally worth it... hahahahaha...
  • This is like... USD545 (free shipping worldwide) for the device itself! You don't even need to go to the saloon to do it anymore.... (--)"
  • And result guaranteed in 60 days or your money back
  • With 1 year warranty
  • Even though IPL is a predecessor  of LHE that I went through... the hell with it.... its way..... cheaper!
  • hahahahhaa... I feel like I'm advertising for them...

  • In the end, I decided not to buy this..... LOL....
  • Reason: Because I haven't got any hairy areas anymore!!! Sheesh... I don't know where to use it even if I bought it... hahahahahhahaa
  • But if any of you lengluis have hairy problems... go check this out... Seems like a pretty nice deal.
  • Before that, go checkout my post on the LHE... Its totally worth all the pain and money...
  • If I saw this advert before my course, I would have ordered one right away... muahahaha...

Some Advice:
  • Google for reviews before you order, I can't help you there 'cos I umm... have no troubling hairy situation at the moment
  • When you do get it... share your scoop lengluis! I'm interested to know too! :p
  • My beautician friend told me that the disposable lamp cartridge is the expensive part that the saloons have to change after certain amount of flashes
  • This particular one have a lifetime of up to 4000 flashes which I can say its pretty good... The saloon ones were up to about 5000 flashes
  • Follow the instructions carefully.. This sorta stuff is not something you'd risk fooling around with...
And as for me... Now I really got to stop glancing at interesting adverts on my own blog!!!


  1. hahahah leng lui you very funny! why you tertarik by your own blog adverts! hahaha i also got hair.... during the day can see. sigh~ i cannot afford this le, still a student. and i read your LHE post, seems like very painful! scared T_T i just stay hairy ba hahahha

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    lol... I know... the adverts.... sigh..... must resists....

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