Friday, December 24, 2010

Pinhole glasses - Spectacle girl savior from prescriptive glasses?

I do wear contacts and glasses. LOL... I treat them as accessories.... Come on, these days if you're addicted to the tv, pc or have a bad habit of reading on your bed with minimal lighting, your eyes are so gonna suffer. So umm... guilty as said for all the mentioned... (--)"

Prescriptive glasses can be annoying when you're trying to look emm... lenglui. So, I'm sure you can't wait to get rid of your glasses... hohoho... (hey, if you have the right design, you'll still be a lenglui with your glasses. Think of the HOT teacher/doctor look... huahuahuahua)

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So umm, back to topic. A few years back... I noticed this - the pinhole glasses. They were sold pretty expensive in the KL pharmacies back then. But recently, they can be found in Daiso (the RM5 Japanese store). RM5?! LOL... So yeah... I got one, not from Daiso though... cos I got mine way earlier.... but it costs about RM10, still okay-ish. Anyways, they all work the same... in Layman's term, they sort of exercises your eye muscles..

So you thought.... no need for Lasik and still you'll be rid of your glasses soon? Aww... sorry to disappoint lengluis... but...... From lots of research and Googling, I realized... there is no scientific evidence that this will improve your eyesight to the point that you wouldn't need prescriptive glasses. So lengluis, glasses are staying for a while unless you do decide to get Lasik... huhuhuhu...

Couple of links to some info:

  • After months of using this... I cannot honestly say that my eyesight improved... ceh....
  • But, its still all good cos' it does reduce the strain when I sit hours in front of the PC or TV
  • Feels great 'cos even in yoga you are thought to exercise your eyes
  • There's been loads of reviews on this so just Google if you need to know more
  • I'd say, if you see this in Daiso, give it a try. Its only RM5 and if your eyes frequently feel strained from hours in front of the PC, try this
  • May take some time getting used to... But, you'll be pleasantly surprised when it feels that you could stay on the PC for hours without any strain or headache as compared to your prescriptive glasses
  • Word of caution: this does not replace prescriptive glasses so don't ever walk out in this or drive with it. There's just too many blind spots with the pinhole glasses.


  1. others sell about 20-60 =_=

  2. I know rite? That's why you just gotta love Daiso... RM5! lol... (^o^)