Friday, October 14, 2011

Avalon Collagen - Collagen on the go?

I figured by now there'd be enough posts on Avalon Fish Collagen Powder from other lenglui bloggers to cover the details of this brand. Just ask Uncle Google... hohohoho...

But why is sugar_cupcakes embarking on this whole new mission? Personally, she hates the packaging. It sucks.... Number 1 product in Japan? You'd think the company would invest more on marketing the package with a girlier approach...

So why switch to try Avalon?

  • Laziness: You don't even need to mix with water when you're in a hurry. Just consume the powdered form in the individually packed tiny packages and you're good to go... Quick huh>??
  • Feeling Green: You don't need to feel un-environmental friendly as with the glass bottles collected over time with liquid collagen supplements
  • Uh-huh: Honestly, I'd prefer the liquid form of collagen supplements...
  • Huhuhuhu: But the too many empty bottles collected over time makes me feel so NOT GREEN

I've stopped collagen supplements for 3 weeks to be able to see the effects of powdered form collagen supplements.... Again... with a reminder to oneself that collagen is merely a form of protein.... hey-ho......... the trial period has started.

Some first several days quick review:

  • Comes in 3 flavours - mango, lemon and blueberry
  • Taste pretty nice considering the amount of sweetener added in
  • Consume it in the morning before you breakfast and you'll see the usual collagen effect soon enough... Irregular consumption is good enough for me
  • As mentioned earlier... the powdered form is much easier and quicker to consume
  • And yes, imported Japanese products always show some result... even if its just a minimal effect

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