Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lemon Water - for clearing up skin...

Really? Does lemon water help clears up your skin?

pic copied from http://toddfrisbie.wordpress.com/2009/07/

If you google enough, you'll eventually be convinced that a lemon a day keeps the skin doctor away... lol... As skeptic as I would like to sound, I actually went on this lemon water regime without knowing its benefits... It all started with my mum's kidney detox...

She was on 8 lemons a day for 10 days... Uh-huh... imagine the amount of lemons I've been seeing in the kitchen... So I decided I needed the perk me up and half a lemon (stolen from my mum's stash) a day would be just the thing... hohoho...

The daily regime:
  • Bought the RM5 citrus juicer
  • Dilute the half a lemon juice with warm water
  • Morning before breakfast is good (don't worry about gastric, when lemon juice goes in your digestive system it becomes alkaline.. read on)
  • If you have a sensitive stomach, please take this very diluted.. And have something light for breakfast...
  • Do this everyday (either half a lemon or 1 lemon a day)

So here's to my conclusion:
  • Feels fresher every morning (sheesh... thanks to the sour mornings)
  • I had allergy... but guess what....? No cystic acne breakouts anymore...
  • Surprisingly... it actually helps
  • My skin cleared up.. Though I still get minor breakouts from food allergy...
  • Seriously, TRUST ME... THIS WORKS!
  • Coming from a skeptic who spends all her money on crazy skincare
  • Emm.. of course you need to watch your diet too... duh... you are what you eat...
  • Helps with digestion too

If you're feeling all skeptic... go on... read the links below.
They are the experts after all:


  1. where to buy the RM5 citrus juicer

  2. If you're from KL, I got mine from Daiso (The Curve, 1-Utama, Pyramid)... just because I'm a cheapo... LOL

    But if you're from anywhere else, this sorta juicers are sold in any kitchen equipments dept..

  3. heya, i'm a new reader. would like to ask if u or your mum lost weight on this lemon detox diet?

    plz share.

    i thk ur site is pretty informative, keep up the good work! =)

  4. Huhhuhu...Thanks for the comment :)

    LOL.. Yeah.. she complained, she didn't lose any weight during the lemon detox. She just felt fresher. But no weight loss...

    For me, its more for clearing up my skin. Yeah.. weight, still the same :p

  5. i find applying honey over problem spots on my skin helps! honey controls my breakouts, heals up wounds faster and lightens my scars...
    just the normal honey bought in supermarkets will do :)

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    Got it...! Will give honey a go and see what happens... But after the lemon regime... Hmm... I rarely have breakouts already.. :p

  7. Hello, nice blog! I just wanna ask how long were u on this regimen before your skin cleared up? I mean how long should i be on lemon water to see its results? I've been on almost 2 weeks (on and off- sometimes i got lazy and totally forgot about it).

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for commenting!! (^o^)

    Took me about 3 weeks of regular morning consumption to really see results... Lol... Yeah... I understand... it's the lazy part that keep me from getting the regular dose...

  9. Thanks, sugar_cupcakes!!

    I must really start to be hardworking and drink it everyday!!!