Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stiff neck and shoulder aches? The Buckwheat Pillow Hype...

Organic Buckwheat pillow and all that hype...

So whats all this hype on buckwheat pillows?? Huhuhu... 2 months ago... I finally replaced the ol' lovable pillow with a buckwheat pillow. And the only reason I did that was because of all the hype on how it can help stiff necks and shoulder aches... So yeah... here's to another splurge (3/4 sponsored by 2 of my great gfs) (^^) --happiness--

Oh... Btw... This costs like a bomb for a pillow. Man... why do waste-stuff like buckwheat husks costs so much? Sheesh.......

Any of you lengluis who's reading this... I bet you have the same "neck/shoulder ache syndrome" Duh! That's cos you've been staring at the PC or your notebook for hours with all the wrong posture in place... (--)" just like me... So here's my testimonial on this:

  • The first 3 days was a torture - I could not get use to the pillow
  • The pillow felt hard! (no fluffy nice feeling - I was missing fluffy pillows)
  • Its heavy (trust me... the pillow weighs NOT like a pillow)
  • .. and smells weird
  • Light sleepers beware... you'll get soft rustling noises when you twist and turn
  • After the first 3 horrendous days.... OH MY GOD......
  • I never ever want to switch back to normal pillow... hahahaha
  • Not because this took away my neck aches
  • But because... the elevation of the pillow is just right! Not too high not too low...
  • The pillow conforms to your head shape and you sleep at just the right posture
  • Try switching back to normal pillows after a month... hahaha... its never gonna feel the same
  • I'm satisfied! (after 3 sleepless days -- horror horror horror)
  • Other pillows will never ever feel the same
  • Hoping that after many months of this, my neck/shoulder aches will reduce
  • Say hello to comfortable sleep (if you ever get through "the getting used" to period) and better neck posture....


  1. Great information..
    thank you very much for the information...
    Buckwheat Hull Pillows Teams

  2. Emm... okiee.. thank you. lol.. btw, emm.. you're not really just taking this chance to advertise on my post are you? lol

  3. hi, its very informative, Neck Ache , thanks

  4. Hey hey... its me!

    Your blog came up when i searched for "buckwheat hull pillow" on google! haha.

    I got it for a friend who has migraine and headaches everyday from waking up in the morning. A few days after using it he doesn't have the daily headaches anymore!
    Like you said, it conforms to the shape of his neck and shoulder which makes it so comfortable :)

    Hope to catch up the next time i go back to KL!

  5. Hi Kai!!! Yeah! we haven't met up in ages! LOL... I'm glad the pillow worked out for your friend.. I still love mine!! (^o^)

  6. Hi, where can I buy this pillow? Appreciate if you could email me at szenntan@hotmail.com. Thanx a zillion. Best regards Suzie