Monday, June 14, 2010

Modish Smoothing Styling Essence

Yes... its time I was trying something new... Err hhhkkk - err humm....
And this time... its on my overloaded with hair dye and bleached hair....!!

Okay, so umm.. I've tried this like a month ago so its not considered a new adventure... But sheesh... its hard to find the time to blog when I'm busy being a couch potato... :p

So what does the retailer says... (copied off their site


Hair Styling essence for Detangles, Hydrates & Protect for a Luxurious, Soft Smooth Feel.

Modish Smoothing Styling Essence is an excellent conditioner for chemically treated or over processed hair. De tangles, hydrates and protects with silk essence for a luxurious, soft smooth feel. Suitable for use before blow-drying to protect against heat and chemical treatment.


My verdict:

  • Shake the bottle, spray onto your palms and apply to ends of hair avoiding scalp.. Easy!
  • Blow dry or leave hair as it is..
  • VOILA...! Manageable okay-ish hair..
  • Non greasy, smells okay-ish... some people may like the scent...
  • Hair stays soft until the next wash
  • Try avoid getting this near your scalp - avoid that flat hair look at the end of the day
  • Just like most leave on serums but this is like intensive GOOD work done on my overly chemical treated hair!
  • Good for lots-a blow drying and some straightening iron days
  • Its back to long-hair days again...
  • Hair therapy to complement the old post on hair serums
  • Modish is sticking by for a while.

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