Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Update for the Panda-Girls....

The other day I was researching and purchasing stuff for emm... my skin to cope with allergy breakouts.. I've been a long-time fan of Ettusais makeup (They're a makeup line from Shiseido specially formulated for problematic acne-prone skin)... Only... I hardly ever wear makeup when my skin is acting all nice... So yeah... back to the counter...

So then... I was browsing the Ettusais acne whitening line to get rid of my body scars from allergy acne... And that was when.... I was introduced to the much sourced for medicated under-eye concealer! The Ettusais Eye Zone Tinted Colour Essence. Not only does it proves itself as a concealer... its medicated to help dark circle and puffy eyes too! I think this is something every panda-eyed girl is looking for. Something that conceals while claims to medicate your darkened under-eye area. Even the Malaysian Star paper decided to have a short intro on it:

On whether or not it helps to eliminate the dark circle... I really do not know since I've only tried the samples. Besides... I don't have a huge problem with darkened eye zone so I don't qualify to blog on this as a dark-circle remedy. Still.... I think its worth the try. Pair this up with the Ettusais Eye Zone Massaging Essence to use for the night. I found many bloggers who raved on this.. but... still none that claims this a miracle cure for dark-cirle and puffy eyes. The search goes on....


  1. hey got to know u r a fan of ettusais. I've got a set of unused brand new ettusais product wanted to sell them off. Interested?

  2. Ah... I'll ping you if I do decide to stock up on anything then :) Thanks!