Thursday, April 23, 2009

Facial Sprays - Are they really worth the buy?

Been neglecting this blog for a while now... (was busy battling acne... lol)

Living in a hot climate encourages crazy skin antics like breakouts. Same goes when you live in cold and dry climate... Then again... same goes everywhere!! lol... For the people who battle with acne... I FEEL YOU! So yeah... lets talk about some facial sprays to calm those itching uncomfortable acne...

Okay... so what's all this craze about facial sprays and mists? Aren't these just water?? I mean okay, there's thermal spring water and spring water and alkaline water and all which claims to do the skin good by increasing your skin's hydration on the outer layer with soothing minerals. But are they really worth the buy?? You see, with the economic situation in the downs and people struggling to earn a living... I think.. there's a need to think twice before splurging on stuff that you don't really need. But yeah... back to the point...

There are several if not many brands of facial sprays and mists that claims to refresh facial skin with spring water (heck... shu uemura has the deep sea mist which lotsa bloggers claim to work wonders) But back to what I've tried so far over the years... Evian, Avene and Uriage. Yeah, so they claim sourced from different locations... with vaguely differing mineral content (the marketing that claims to sooth problematic skin). But still when sprayed on.. feels the same, very refreshing... and calms itching acne... But really... look at my conclusion below:

  • Feels real refreshing (eg; when your acne is itching and the dry/hot weather is not helping, imaging someone spraying cool spring water into your face... fuuuuuu....)
  • Calms sensitive skin acne (with all the special mineral content goodness)
  • Hydrating? Yeah... umm... obviously misting your skin with water is hydrating... what isn't?
  • Worth the buy? I think... rather than purchasing by paying for the brand and all research done in producing these special water... you might as well bottle up your own facial mist. Aerosol spray cans are not exactly eco friendly either... Unless you can afford to have spring water for drinking, cleansing and your basic daily water needs, buying a can to spritz on each time you need a refresher isn't really going to fix your skin problems.
  • Some links to creating your own facial sprays:

For me, I just bottle up simple mineral filtered water (lets say Diamond or Hexagon or water from a good water ioniser like the Panasonic one) into a spray bottle with nozzle that sprays out ultra fine mists. There you go... our skin may not get those special mineral content from the mountain spring or a deep sea... But heck... good clean healthy filtered water will do just fine..

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