Thursday, April 23, 2009

AlQVIMIA Bust Volume Oil - Boob oil?? Sigh... not again.... crazy women...

Recently, a gf and I stumbled upon this brand which I have to admit... I've often passed by a couple of time but just never got to look or try on. There's just so many other more important stuff at the moment... like getting rid of acne and probably brushing up on my scripting since.. I'm supposedly a programmer after all... lol....

ALQVIMIA claims to produce high quality essential oils all of which is handmade from Spain. And... these oil supposedly contains "chi" which is energy vital for our well-being... Read more on ALQVIMIA here. Now, the oils from ALQVIMIA are really... comparably better in quality than the massage oils from The BodyShop... But heck... there's the price difference so I guess that should shut me up about the quality for now. But yeah... since this post is more on increasing bust volume...
I've only bought the 17ml bottle to try before deciding on whether this is worth the full bottle buy. Primarily.. I've gotten lazy and haven't been doing anything to the bust area since emm.. my breakout started. I haven't even touched the "Hai Sun Foong Pump" in ages! So I guess... yeah... sadly... I stayed back to B. Heck... I just had to deal with the acne first... Boobs comes later... lol....

So yeah... I won't be updating this anytime soon until I've finished the whole 17ml bottle. In the mean time... all I can say is... this is worth the buy so much more than the SlimFit Bust Oil that costs way more. And... the ingredients are almost the same. Heck... they even smell the same!


  1. where did u buy this oil?

  2. Ahh... you can get it from most well-known spas... but... I got this from Metrojaya Midvalley next to the cosmetic dept and also saw it sold in Shins... (^^)

  3. u can also get most of the Alqvimia Body Oil at Heavenly Spa at Taipan USJ. Call 03 5632 3600 to find out more. The therapist there is able to answer your questions.

  4. Hello, was just surfing your blog and found this pre-review. Just wondering if it worked for you in the end?

  5. Hi Anonymous...

    Eventually I got the 150ml bottle... I wouldn't say its a miracle oil... But massaging helps a little (when I do remember to use it)... In the end, still a B but a little fuller... No more, no less... (--)"

  6. what can this oil do??
    how much is it??

  7. Hi Anonymous,

    This oil is suppose to increase the volume of your bust. Meaning = larger boobs lol...

    For 150ml I think it costs about RM350++
    I can't remember the exact price tag but they do come in smaller bottles... which should be much cheaper.

    I could not get used to the fragrance (which is au-naturel from essential oil) so I only saw minimal effect when using. If you'd like to try... I'd suggest getting the smallest bottle just to try before you decide. (^o^)

  8. oh gee...that'll sure burn a hole in my pocket 0o0
    anyway how much for the small one do u remember? and where can i get it?

  9. Hi Anonymous,

    Apologies for the delayed reply...
    If I remembered correctly, the smallest bottle costs about RM49 and they used to have a counter in Metrojaya Midvalley KL a couple of years back. Will update you if its still there... :)

    But, I found their Malaysian agent FB page for you in case you'd like to contact them directly: