Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lunasol UnderEye Concealer - Fake it with zero make-up skill....!!

Trust me lengluis... as we age, the eye area craves attention! And not the good sort of attention though... These days, working late means darkened surrounding eye area. Though sugar_cupcakes never had a problem with the eye area, aging another year has totally changed that!!! SOB-SOB-SOBBBBBB... haihhhhhhhhhhh...

Yeah... faking younger eyes takes all that skill... huhuhuhu... soon all this faking is going to turn into a HIDDEN TALENT of us lengluis... muahahahaha...

This will not be a lengthy review on eye concealers (you can ask Uncle Google that anytime) rather, a straight-to-the-point winner takes all review. (umm... sugar_cupcakes will only do a comparison of make-up which requires almost no make-up skill to apply since this is not exactly a make-up blog...)


Kanebo Lunasol Eye Concealer is a very obvious winner of the lot. Yeah, Shu Uemura ProGel Concealer has "staying power" it's not as comfortable as... Lunasol which tops the lot because:

  1. Its similar to a lip gloss applicator and picks up just the right amount of liquid-y fluid for under the eyes so  the teeny weeny tube actually lasts
  2. Coverage about 90% after dusting with loose powder
  3. Claims to contain collagen for the feel-good texture under the eyes
  4. Because its so easy to use, its takes a lengui with like only 0% makeup skill to be able to use this like a pro
  5. This was a mere accidental find after embarking on the journey to hide the late hours under-eye area
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