Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mermaid Hair in Minutes... Tsuyagla Wave!

If you've ever watched those repetitive tv shopping ads... you'd understand why... (Click on the pic to the vid below)

Yeah... they're similar to Babyliss Wave Envy, but... it seems like Tsuyagla Wave wins tops... Perhaps 'cos their barrels are larger (32mm) so they create less crimpy looking waves and more beachy looking waves... Or just because... THE TOOL IS JUST SUPER GIRLY LOOKING!!! Uh-huh, although... these are not for lengluis who are anti-PINK... BUT... Mermaid waves are just so romantic right now!!

Oh... see reviews below of lengluis who've somehow managed to get hold on one of these! Currently only available to the Japanese market... All the more challenge getting one of these now that they are hot off the shelves... Muahahahahaaa...


  1. Hi Michelle,

    You can order from Japan (Rakuten or Yahoo) - which is pretty pricey considering the shipping...

    For Malaysians, I saw this here:

    But it is pretty cheap here so I'm sceptical on whether this is genuine or not... :p