Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cheap-Ass Tools to a Busy Lenglui's Happy Bath Time!!

Some lengluis find bathing a routine hassle for hygine so they do it as squeek quick as possible, whereas some lengluis spend ages in the bath scrubba-do-do and they literally take FO----RE----VER... (--)"

For the busy lengluis... I'm pretty sure we should be neither... LOL... Bath times should really be the ultimate relaxing beauty moments for all lengluis busy-or-not... 

A few rules-of-thumb to go by:

Now... to the POINT -> The 5 Cheap-Ass Bath Tools:

1. The Shampoo Brush (RM5)
Use it like a comb with your conditioner for de-tangling that long thick hair. Doubles up as a head massager with head spa... Definitely not for lengluis with easy-to-break-fragile hair.

2. Bubble Bath Nett (RM5)
Helps lather up your soap/shower gel for a nice bubbly wash all over... bubbly-bubbly wash....

3. Cellulite/Body Massager (RM5)
Sure... after a long busy day... the last thing on a lenglui's mind would be exerting more energy to do massaging. But hey... body massagers can feel pretty good during a shower if used with a nice shower lather.

4. Silicone Facial Cleansing Pad (RM5)
Helps with cleaning away residues of makeup so we don't need to double or tripple the facial wash routine. They help lather up your facial wash nicely too!

5. The Foot File (RM3)
Oh.... simple brushing strokes on the balls of our feet would feel pretty nice during and after bath time. Of course then you'd have smooth feet after... hohoho...

There are a whole load more other tools of course but hey... we want cheap ass tools that don't make us spend too much time in the shower... If you're a lenglui with ultra-thin-sensitive skin, please avoid these tools and be sure to install a shower filter. (^o^)

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