Monday, September 28, 2009

Panasonic EH-2473 - Nano Tech Steamer

Revitalizes and improves resilience of skin

  • Its like having a mini facial at home (definitely a keeper!)
  • Feels good every time I use it
  • Don't see any improvement on acne (THIS IS NOT FOR CURING ACNE)
  • Skin feels supple (Remember to apply milk lotion to lock in the moisture after use of steamer)
  • Oh yeah, in case you're wondering where the hell can you find distilled water for use with the facial steamer... You can get bottled distilled water at any local supermarket (probably costing less than RM1 for a 1 liter bottle)
  • Worthwhile investment for women with dry or aging skin! Huhuhuh...

Update 03rd Dec 2009:
I've been insanely-INSANELY busy with work. Crazy project's taking up all my blogging time and I've been working late for the past week now.... Would really like to update this soon... FYI I LOVE the steamer! lol.... but note that this does not cure acne skin (maybe helps a little by regulating facial oil).... But if you're reaching your thirties or already pass there, this is definitely a good investment. Young readers.... don't go splurge on this... save your cash for something else k?

Update 19th Oct 2009:

I know - I know.... I AM GUILTY! But-but for the sake of our blog readers.... (lol okay, maybe not only that...) >>>>> I just splurged on this (but after loads of google research)... kekeke...

Will be reviewing this very soon... Get ready all the for critics and raves baby!

Ohhh noooooooooooooooooooooooo........ Remember my blog on a wishlist item Panasonic EH-2424...? So now... they decided to come up with the improved version of that.... And this... is soooooo very very tempting...........................

The features:
  • World's first platinum hot/cold steamer with platinum components
  • Hot Steam/ Cool micro mist to revitalize skin
  • Revitalizes and improves resilience of skin
  • 3 Hot/Cold Automatic Beauty Program
    • Clear Skin Course: Reduces dark cirlcles and dullness of skin
    • Tension/ Elasticity Course: Increase elasticity of skin
    • Sebum Care Course: Restores sebum balance of skin
  • AC Power

Okay... CALM DOWN... For a silly steamer, this costs a bomb!! So maybe if I Googled hard enough... I'd get a better bargain for this... But still.... a steamer??

You would probably react just the same if you've read these bloggers comment on the steamer... Okay-okay... they are in Jap and Chinese... But hey... there's Google translate remember??? hahahhahahhaa........
Know what I think.....? I think we need to stay away from adverts!!! Crazy.... crazy... women!


  1. I was looking into this beauty gadget as well but I still don't think the price can justify the product. Found your pore cleaner review especially helpful ^^ Just save me some $$. y the way, I just became your follower. Keep posting ^^

  2. I know.... the price seriously does not justify the item.... but OMG... (I've gone retail nuts again) I don't know why... I'm really really curious... and now searching for the best price any shop could quote me on this... will blog this out if I do ever get it... lol.... (^^)"

  3. Hi i was searching for Panasonic Platinum facial steamer review and chanced upon ur website :)
    would like to ask if you could feel or see the cold mist that comes out from it? 'Cuz the tester which I tried at Best Denki, there wasn't any cold mist.. I could only feel the wind blowing =(

    I am considering getting it but still deciding. overall what are your comments about it? Is it worth getting?
    Thanks in advance =))

  4. Hi Jacintha,

    The cold mist is more of light sprinkle of cold water... I think the tester steamer you tried ran out of water when it's time for the cold mist...

    For me it's really worth the buy because I hardly go for facial treatments these days. The steamer is really relaxing to use... But don't expect any miracles soon because there is none :p Your blemishes or wrinkles won't disappear just by using this. But you'll get that feeling of nice supple skin after use.

    Hope this helps (^o^)

  5. Thanks alot for your reply! Really appreciate it :)

    oh okay i feel so tempted to get it..aww, i was still hoping that it would help clear blemishes and lessen wrinkles haha.. but guess it's just my wistful thinking!

    But does it help in anti-aging or firming of the skin as what it claims to do? Or more of moisturizing?

    Do you use it everyday? I read somewhere that steaming the face is actually harmful to the skin..O__o wonder how true is that. Have u heard of that?

    Sorry for asking so many questions! Thanks in advance! :)

  6. Hi Jacintha,

    lol... no probs... I'm okiee to answer as many questions :p

    >> But does it help in anti-aging or firming of the skin as what it claims to do? Or more of moisturizing?

    I find that this is more for the moisturising effect... But as the Japs claim, the hot and cold treatment can increase elasticity of your skin in the long run...

    Hmm... I don't use it everyday.... Maybe once a week or if I'm good, 3 times a week. (getting lazy...)

  7. Hellooo!! I just bought the Panasonic Hot and Cold after considering for a long time hehe.. hope u are enjoying urs :)

    Would like to ask u something: There was a very loud and irritating sound (dont know if it's blowing sound or something) during the cold mist part.. is that normal? Cuz i watched the video showcasing the Steamer and there wasnt any sound at all during the hot or cold mist.

    Can I just select cold mist?
    Oh and I read the instructions that I am supposed to clean the filter. (didnt know there is a filter inside) How do I go about doing that?

    Thanks alot!! =))

  8. Hi Sharleen,

    Yes there is a loud and irritating sound during the cold mist part. The showcase video is a con just to make the whole process looks good... LOL... But still it feels good la...

    No, we can't just select the cold mist. It doesn't work that way. Uh-huh... I didn't know about the filter part either... Let me go check my instruction pamphlet too :p

  9. Thanks so much for your reply!!! :)

    oh phew glad that the loud sound is normal cuz I panicked and got worried when I heard the super loud machine-like sound during the cold mist part. Thought there was a defect in my machine and wanted to exchange my set!

    'Cause I called Best Denki on Friday to enquire about it but the person said that a loud sound is abnormal and only a soft one is to be expected O_o. Dunno if he knows his stuff haha.

    Aw, if only the cold mist can be selected as and when we want 'cause I like the feeling of it haha.

    The filter part is mentioned in Page 13 =)the salesperson didnt mention the filter to me.

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