Monday, September 14, 2009

Sea Salt Facial Wash - good for for overly sensitive skin?

Allison's All Natural Sea Salt Therapy - Facial Wash

I wasn't planning on blogging on this cos its just a facial wash and knowing me, I'll try plentiful brandnames that looks safe or convincing but won't necessarily blog on them 'cos I'm emm... busy with work. lol... But... after 2 good days.. I think... this is actually worth a review.

When I was going nuts over Culpepper's aromatherapy range, the young Culpepper's promoter persuaded me to try out a facial wash which was quite a bargain. She wasn't that concern if I wanted to get the essential oils (fyi, they costs way more than the facial wash...), instead, she seemed genuinely interested with trying to get rid of my emm Thai Food (which was really seafood in the exquisite Thai dishes) allergy acne on my skin.

She mentioned a fellow promoter with terrible breakout skin who was practically given no option by their manager to try out the facial wash. Apparently... it worked wonders for her fellow promoter friend's skin. Big reduction in acne.. and.. no more dilated pores... So I thought... what the heck... its not like the facial wash costs a bomb even though it sounds too good to be true. I know - I know... I'm so easily convinced!! hahahahhahaaaa...

But heck... think about it... the girl wasn't even bothered if I wanted to buy al the real pricey aromatheraphy stuff even though she was earning on commission.(trying to justify buying yet another facial wash.. lol) So yeah.. I added it to my shopping cart... No harm trying out something au-naturel.. Scanned the ingredients...

organic virgin coconut oil, vitamin e oil, lavender (the promoter added this in), sea salt, vegetable glycerin

Looks pretty safe... And... the promoter let me try it out there and then... muahahaha

  • Its not your usual foamy lathery facial wash
  • I Googled and could not find anything on this.... dodgy...
  • After washing your skin may still feel a little slippery but that's okay
  • No taut feeling on skin, but doesn't feel special
  • After 2 days of use, I conclude that... my acne sorta calmed down... No kidding.. this seemingly lousy (lousy cos the packaging kinda sucks) facial wash calms down my acne... okay, so its not lousy anymore
  • Get this: Salt is actually a natural antiseptic for skin... but over using it my dry-out and irritate your skin. I guess thats why the acne kinda calmed down, and, the nice ingredients in the wash probably contributed to soothing the skin
  • Conclusion: weird... I like it better than the Dermalogica medibac cleanser, cos... it feels natural (with no minty fresh feel) and costs way less with the current promo. lol


  1. Thanks for this. I like it so much! My skin is so much better now. I only use once a day, at night and no more terrible breakouts.

    And the lavender smells so good, the promoter really knows her stuff....hehe...

  2. I know.... sea salt works wonders for problem skin caused by external factors... but if you're like me.... acne caused by body infection isn't gonna subside with just this facial wash... so now I'm trying out new stuff again... (--)" I'm terrible... hahahhahaha... I love that lavender bit too!!

  3. Where can i purchase this product?

  4. Hi Laney,

    If you're from KL, I got this from Parkson next to the Culpeppers aromatherapy range in Subang Parade. I'm not sure if they still carry it... But if you're planning to get this to help acne... Read my post on lemon water:

    This regime actually helped me clear up most of my allergy acne. I've been a fan since.. (though i do hate the sourness of lemon water.. lol)

  5. Hi Belle,

    I got this at RM25 for a 120ml bottle :p