Monday, September 14, 2009

Grosses time of the month to Happier Month??

Cloth Pads to a happier Lenglui?

(for the sake of our readers, I'm adding this note - stay away from this post if you find topics on women's menstruation is just emm... not your cup of tea)

Okieee.... I feel weird blogging this... but.... wth.... Several months ago... I decided that wearing disposable sanitary pads were too much of a hassle (even though... they are err... disposables and are suppose to make your life easier). But-but... it feels gross every time I throw away a used pad... I feel.... emm... yuck... and it really feels like I'm contributing loads to the amount of one of the grossest rubbish on planet earth - used sanitary pads.

The problem:
  • sudden enlightenment to go green for the sake of our beloved planet
  • feeling errr... gross every time I throw away a used pad
  • sudden retail urge for online stuff... hahahahaaaa...
  • I know this is trivial to some of you but.... don't you feel a little conscious when you go to the loo to change and you can't help making those rustling plastic noises when removing the adhesive tape off the disposable pad? Its like you're trying to be as quiet as possible in the toilet cubicle so the other person in the toilet won't know that its your time of the month... this is especially obvious when you're using your office toilet and everybody knows everybody in a company... hahahahhahahaa...
  • you go in a toilet to change and you realise... shit** there are no sanitary disposal bins... now what are you gonna do?? wrap the pad in lotsa tissue and walk out casually throwing that into the closest waste basket?
  • feel that disposable pads are mighty uncomfortable and reminds you of your period most of the time?
  • emm... moon cups and tampons are not really your thing?
So say "hello baby" to cloth pads!

Okay... now here's the thing about cloth pads.. Its really hard to find a nice classy yet cute looking one. Why bother>>? Hey... if you're going to be washing them and drying them out on your cloths line in the open... I think you WILL BOTHER. lol.... I'm not going to do a complete review on the cloth pad of my choice - snexy cloth pads (after a whole week of research, the japanese and korean cloth pads are way-too-cute too but they come with a nice price tag)

So here's to cloth pads:
  • the first thing you will notice when you do the switch - whoaaaaa... this is actually comfortable.... lol
  • apparently women who wears cloth pads as compared to disposable pads are happier women during that time of the month... geez... google sure have lotsa interesting info
  • no more rustling plastic sound from the toilet cubicle, just snap off and snap on
  • used pads can be folded into a cute pouch-like-hankie with a snap of the button, then just keep it in a waterproof cute baggie till you get home to wash it
  • downside of this is that.... you wouldn't want to go travel with them... heck... no way, I'm hanging cloth pads in hotel room toilets to dry... the cleaners will be wondering what the hell are those
  • another downside of this... like disposables, you will not be able to go swimming or do water sports in this. Opt for tampons instead when you got no option... hahahhahaa....
  • Snexy Pads - They come in really nice colours and are not too kiddie-looking so when you hang them out to dry... they look kinda cute
  • Snexy Pads - The founder of Snexy is really nice. And, I think (from their site) you get a full refund if you're not satisfied with her products. No... I'm not advertising for Snexy... there are tonnes of nicer quality cloth pads out there... but for the price with shipping, this is the best online alternative I've got... hehehehee....
  • Snexy Pads - if you've got a heavy flow... I suggest you ask Liz (the founder and creator of Snexy to make you better leak proof pads... the pads are not really leak proof for heavy flows)
  • try Googling for cloth pads from Australia, Japan and Korea... they are really pretty....
  • you may feel a little queezy washing your used pads at the start (cos you'll see lotsa red-flowing blood), but, trust me... after that... its cool...
  • blood stains are really difficult to get rid off unless you have a good/suitable detergent. (I struggled when I first made the switch to cloth pads) Try looking for a special women's blood stain removal detergent like one from Daiso (RM5 Japanese shop) Makes it so much easier to remove stains from the pads after use... After that... removal of blood stains? Piece of cake! lol...
Hmm... a happier time of the month? YEAH... feels pretty much like it!


  1. Hi Lisa,

    I can't tell if LHE is better than IPL cos' I've only tried LHE. But, from Googling apparently LHE is just a variant of IPL and both relies on the same system of light and heat tech for long-term hair removal. A beautician friend told me that the IPL machines are predecessors of the LHE machines, so that's why I chose to go ahead with the LHE treatment instead. Hope this helps... (^^)