Monday, October 19, 2009

Kinohimitsu J'pan Bust drink up - The New Fab?

Back to Boobs.... hahahahhahahha

Update 26th January 2010
  • Just realized there are quite a few comments on this post ... I know - I know... I haven't been updating this post in ages. But no matter how busy (yeah... work kinda sucks at a very depressing stressful point right now)... regardless, I'm gonna post a real short update here for this post readers! :p
  • After 5 boxes of this... I'm gonna say... come on girls... don't waste your money unless you plan to take this drink for-e-ver. You know every month we women go through ovulation... and our hormones sorta bounces around... and thats when your boobs reaches its peak size too. Same goes for the theory in this drink - puereria mirifica. Yeah... after14 days the boob drink claims to make a difference. After 28 days... claims to show results. Uh-huh... I'll just have to say this... I've seen bigger days with the monthly cycle... lol....
  • BUT.... this drink also contains 500mg collagen per bottle. So I guess its a kill 2 birds with a stone thingi. Yeah.. your body can only absorb so much collagen in a day. So yeah.. boobs will definitely feel firmer and more tender within consumption period. Nice.
  • In conclusion: If 5 boxes isn't wow-ing me... I don't think it'll wow any of you readers too... :p And the boob adventure goes on.... :p

Update 8th December 2009
  • Geez... so much for succumbing to temptation after much research on how safe it is to consume this... muahahaha... Lets see some blog on this soon.... sigh... going on the crazy boob adventure again....

You're probably wondering if I'd ever blog on this. Its new stuff in KL baby... but... pueraria mirifica has long been known to be used by native Thai women as a herb to increase bust size (I googled okay?) So emm... what's this thing with F-Cup cookies and boob drinks? lol.... And you're probably wondering why is sugar-cupcakes not crazy over these stuff? I mean duh..... getting C cup is LIKE a perfect dream-come-true!! Hahahhahaha.... Okay-okay... I'll continue this when I'm free... (--)" Now I've gotta get back to work... lol....


  1. Hi there, still remember me? Dear, you are an angel!!

    I bought and tried Ettusais Acne Whitening Essence and it does work!! Thank you so much, I'm so lucky that I stumbled upon your great post about it.

    My scars took longer to be diminished. These are the scars from my high school years. Almost one month using it, the scars are fading!

    No pain at all, not allergic to it. No tingling sensation or flaking whatsoever occurred.

    My bf said, my face becomes clearer too.. =)
    The price is outrageous (for me as a student) but the quality is admired.

    Thank you so much, I post it here because scared you might not be aware of my comment.

  2. (^^) Ooooo! Happy to hear that it worked for you too! Yeah... the price... uh-huh... I haven't been able to justify that except that its imported stuff... so yeah.. there goes $$$ to clearer skin... :p

  3. hey.. is this boobs enchanment drink from kinohimitsu works??i just nid some comments.. and adviced... i tried buying bio-essence bust up cream.. not working~.~

  4. Im testing this thing now.. only the 2nd day, i'll try to post if i see any chances *_* wish me (lots) of luck..

  5. hi - stumbled upon your blog coz im looking some write up about this product -

    believed you tried them , how's the result? good?

    thanks for sharing :)

  6. Hey there... :)

    I've finally updated this post :p Apologies for the late and short update... But work has been eating up my blogging resources... sigh........

  7. All these food stuffs that claimed to increase your boob size are hormone food and drinks. So, if it does not works good on your body it doesn't means that it will not work good on others body as hormone reception level is different in every body.

    For an example, if your body hormone is already at an normal level, your boob increase might be slower or less effective than other who lacks the actual hormone in their body.

    Also, the promoter told me that we can stop after 28 days of drinking and still the boob size will not fall. This is however NOT TRUE as Kinohimitsu Bust drink is made of plant hormones. You have to maintain for a period of 30~90 days after your cup size increased to a satisfied size. Normally people maintain by having 2~3 servings per week rather than the normal 1 serving per day.

    Whenever take this thing, it should be able to work, only to say sooner or later. If it does not work on certain people, only to say that the person's hormone level in the body is higher than normal people, so you may want to try some add on herbs like:

    (1) fernugreek (this has been proven to work, but it might cause hair growing on the chests on certain people.
    (2) MSM (google the whole name, its very long, and also has proven to work quite well and boost boob size in people who took them unintentionally)
    (3) sesame seeds (people who mix sesame seeds in their food claim to get good results)

  8. hi attention to all lady i hv tried the kinohimitsu bust up drink and at 2nd day terrible thing happened my breast swell AND WORSE MILK COMING OUT. sO I DARE not GO ON ANY MORE DAYDREAMING......

  9. uh-huh... that's a scary comment... I think it'd be good if you go do a check up. I know I'd be paranoid as hell if anything like that happened to me... Girl, please... go check it out with the docs...

  10. hi gal, heeh... come by your blog before last yr when google search info.

    oh yeah this drink I tried already hehe. 4day and I see result :D

    annoynmous are you bf? how come got milk?

  11. wow 5 boxes too much for me. go bankrupt!!

  12. Hi Sherry...

    Lol... I know... mad-mad woman! I try not to get too crazy on something but normally when I try something (of course must google the stuff and make sure its safe first la)... I wanna go all the way and see if there's any result... otherwise... ban the stuff... hehhehehee..

  13. want to check out about the drink, and came across your it effective??/safe??? any effect...

  14. Hey there anonymous... :)

    Read my post on it... and you'll understand. I gave up after 5 boxes... so no, it wasn't really helping me... and yes... after loads of Googling research (disclaimer - my own online research)... I concluded that it's safe for consumption... No side effects for me... not much effect either.. lol

  15. i've been using for 3weeks now and i can see improvement in the waiting to finish the month and see how it turns out,n hopefully maintain for 3months but it becomes costly after a while.its better to buy in bulk than keep buying every two weeks or so!but am loving it so far!!good stuff!!i just hope in 3months i have big big boobiess!!! lol

  16. SS said,
    1 box cost how much? how many bottles per box? Thx.

  17. hi there...research on this products n i found out your post...
    do this really brings the result as we ladies wish??
    im suffering the "airport" situation...
    i wanna let it b bigger...but i dont know wad to do...
    is this bust up drinks really work?

  18. SS said...
    Just bought 2 boxes today at caring pharmacy, will update u gals bout the result after 28 days. 1 box contains 6 bottles x 50ml whic cost RM79.90. 1 day 1 bottle will cost RM300++ per month. If it is working, I guess all lady who suffer wif "airport" situation will willing to try it. Wish me good luck for the try.

  19. i drank this before... two boxes.. n it's not only work as it says, but it also make my skin clearer n glow.... but i would like to ask, if we could drink this kinohimitsu with any birth control pills.... anyone?

  20. SS said...
    I'd finished 2 boxes, 1 bottle every night before sleep, what i can say is "no effect at all" at the moment. I bought again 2 boxes, will try for another 2 boxes, hopefull it would not dissapoint me.

  21. hi there...Have u heard about the F cup coco cookies from japan? My friend have introduced this to me and the product even promoted in the taiwan tv programme-beauty queen. The artist says it's work.

  22. I'VE tried f-cup cookies , nothing turns on .. after finish 2box still the same . it quite disappointed me.. maybe i should double up by drinking and eating the cookies . hopefully it works and i do recommend to all my friend..

  23. hey there all ladies!
    I've been drinking this drink regularly since last year. and i can see very good improvement. it'll took you sometime, and you have to take it regularly to get good results. it's working on me, and i hope it will on you. :)

  24. I just bought the Kinohimitsu Bust Up..Wow it's gonna be costly if i want to maintain it for everyday...I work on night duties sometimes, i wonder whether it works or not cause i'll be awake and all and my body don't get to rest..Will the effect slow down if i skip once or twice in a week?

  25. Hi all,
    Just want to share with you my "quest" on my imperfection. I stumble upon side effect of a BCP that actually gave quick result as this product. I was on the pill for 2 months and didn't realize that unintended effect of larger size (1 1/2 cup increase!!). That's a bonus right there for my bf of course. Do look it up.. DIANE 35. :)

  26. Hi all,
    May i know when come period, izzit can drink kinohimitsu BustUp Drink?

  27. How to get DIANE 35?

  28. hi all,is it save to consume this product for long term?

  29. hi all...does diane 35 really works with this product..??any side effect?im on the pills right now and willing to try this kimohimitsu bust up drink.really concern about my breast problem..huhh..anyone out there,please help me

  30. Hi anonymous,

    I suppose it should be okay to consume this product for long term given the fact that you don't overdo it. This is just another supplement... Basically everything is bad when you have it in excess.

    I don't know much about DIANE35, but I from what I've read its a contraceptive pill sometimes used to clear up acne and regulates your hormone. But from a logical point of view, I think its best to avoid intake of 2 different stuff that affects your hormone cycle.

  31. Can we buy DIANE35 without prescription?

  32. hi there,

    DIANE 35 works much more than this drink.but still, you have to maintain eating the pills 2 times a day & keep them in your bag.
    My sis-in-law had a terrible hormone circulation.
    With stressed life working, single parent with three kids, she took the pill & I, myself can see the improvement of her bust, skin & no more bloated tummy.
    I'm gonna get it soon.

  33. hi..
    i had plan to take it later...
    but i am not sure whether it's suitable in my age or not?
    how old r u all??

  34. Hi all,

    Is it really2 working? As far as i know, we need to a prescription from the doctor if we want to consume DIANE35. Can we just buy it without prescription?

  35. where can get diana 35??
    and who know whether can get kinohimitsu bust up under period?

  36. Hi anonymous,

    I'm in my late twenties... I'm not really sure the age suitability for taking this. It is stated on the box though, but from a logical point of view, I think if you're pretty young (e.. in your teens), then you should reconsider taking too much supplements.

    And as for DIANE35, I'll leave the comments to lengluis who knows best :)

  37. hi guys was doing research about kino's bust up n found tis blog its useful =D i just started taking the bust up thing not sure will it be success but the F cup cookies which i had been taking for more than 3 months it works=>
    ppl told me tat u ll get the effect after finishing 2 boxes, it din happen on me but i din lost hope n keep on taking it until the 4th box the effect is reli obvious then my fren from sasa intro me tis bust up drink which she said take it wit F cup cookies gifs u reli superb effect which she herself jump 2 cups n i d been a fren of hers from AA cup til she reach B cup now =D cheers~
    by : Vi De

  38. Hi, wher can find MSM this herbs?

  39. Flatchest Ling:
    Hi there, i'm really desperate to fill up my bra but my hubby don't agree on cosmetic surgery. When i found the Kinohimitsu Bust Drink i was so happy by i doubt on the result as i have tried many products that claim to be very effective. Some people said breast will grow bigger when we are pregnant, but mine is not at all. SO SAD. Luckily still got breast milk to feed my baby :)
    Q1.Can i really ask, who has tried at least Kinohimitsu Bust drink without Diane35 for 2 box and already see the result?
    Q2. Do we really need to keep on consuming it to maintain the result (if it really works of course)?

  40. What does MSM stands for?

  41. Hi Anonymous(s),

    MSM should stand for (methyl sulfonyl methane)

    Read more about it here:

    Hope this helps :p

  42. I've took both.. Kino n diane35... I took 2 boxes of kino.. It makes my skin clearer... Everybody asked me whats the secret that make my skin glow... Then i stopped... Coz it costs a lot of money... Then i was having trouble with acne again... I was suggested by beautician to take diane35 to get clearer skin.. While taking diane.. My skin getting worse but it increase the size of my boobs.. I stopped diane and when to the doctors... None of the doctors n dermatologist happy when i said i've took diane35...

  43. Correction... When = went... Hehe

  44. im taking kino bust up n its my 17th bottle now. i havent seen any changes in my breasts but im seeing improvement on my skin..clearer firmer n fairer. but i just found out that im pregnant. certain research suggests that it is safe for consumption if ure pregnant but other researches also claims the opposite. i still have 8 bottles to go which i think is a waste if i stop taking it now.what do'u think

  45. Hi just want to ask if its safe to drink kinohimitsu bust up while im still on breastfeeding for my 4month old baby .?

  46. Hi.. im on my 14th bottle already.. sadly i havnt seen anything.. what to do?

  47. Hi, do you have email? I would like to ask for a permission personally to quote some of your sentences of this blog post to my blog, is it possible?

  48. Hi Anonymous,

    So sorry for the delayed response... My work schedule's been dorowning me for the pas several months... (--)"

    Mail me at