Monday, October 19, 2009

Butt issues for sports?? - Nike Perfect Fit -

A fit for all bums....

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See the vid on the link below by Nike...
My-my... do they understand women... Go watch it... hahahhahahhaaa...

Yeah... so, working out has kind of been a part of life since yoga...
But you know... its really a hassle to look great WHILE working out. Since you're going down the sweaty tortures route... (Yeah, I'm not exactly a fan of exercise lol) If you do it in the privacy of your own home... yeah... wearing your PJs is going to be OK. But... getting tortured and all sweaty strutting about in awkward poses in a public gym, is no-go.

Okay, I think its always no probs to look normal in a gym. No, I don't think its necessary to wear make up while working out. Geez, plain looking is fine. But walking around with a tight-fitting pants on your kookier than normal butt.... uh-huh.... think of fleshy folds of buns or the never-been-there ass?

I guess if you have a nice firm-toned ass like umm... Jessica Alba, you shouldn't be reading this post now... go away... hahahhahahahha....

Okay... the trick is to look for the perfect (there's no prefect... trust me... hahahaha) pants that gives the illusion of a passable butt.... So umm... what's this post about?

No, I'm not really promoting Nike Perfect Fit Workout Capris... I think they are bloody-hell overpriced for just sweating out actually. But hey, that didn't stop me from getting one... hahhahaha... But, also, this just shows how fitness brands are well aware of little trivial stuff women are so conscious of. I think, this does camouflage your less-than-perfect butt to at least looking plain normal. If you can actually get a pants that do this... cooooooool..........

  • low wider waist
  • thicker material at the butt area
  • comfortable fit
  • classic cut designs (no fancy dodgy cuts)
  • pricey

Looking good while working out = Motivation to actually get our bum off the couch

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