Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Give me a perfect blowout - KeraShine heated styling brush HP8632

Saloon perfect hair in minutes!!

We all feel that pain when we try to emulate how the experts at the saloon style us by blow drying our hair. Somehow having a great blowout is not as simple as it looks.

Usual issues faced:

  1. Hair gets sucked into the blow dry brush... yeowch....
  2. Hair is already dried, if we apply more hairdryer heat to it, oh-our-poor tresses...
  3. Somehow, it takes ages to get that blowout perfect
  4. When we blow dry our hair for too long, it tends to get dry and frizzy... even if we've applied the heat-protection serum before the blow drying starts
  5. Our arm hurts just staying there holding the hairdryer and huge round bush for too long
  6. No way this is going to be a daily routine for us average lengluis (once in a blue-moon for a special night out and that is it... thank you!)

So how now?? How do these lengluis we see with bouncing perfect volume blow dried hair maintain that near-perfect tresses DAILY?

Somehow, Philips just decided to be smart... and threw us an answer in the form of KeraShine heated styling brush HP8632.. Suddenly we feel like an advert for Philips... lol... no we are not..

The Pros:

  • This will give you that blowout saloon experts achieve with the hairdryer and a big round brush
  • This works only for dried hair
  • A neat gadget when you do not want overly styled hair
  • Want bouncy saloon perfect hair? 5 to 10 minutes is all you need!
  • Saves us time and $$$ while we get to pretend we just got out of the saloon
  • You can shake out your hair like those models in the shampoo adverts now... hahahahaha.. in the comforts of your home

The Cons:

  • Somehow, one or two strands of hair tends to catch into the groove between the heated barrel and the holder.. ouch... although a minor thing lets hope Philips fixes this for the next model..
  • Heat styling is never good for your hair.. so like blow drying, apply some heat protective serum before styling
  • Careful.. the plastic brush protect us from the usual burns we get when skin touches a normal hair tong... but a lack-of-sleep lenglui might forget that the brush is retractable and you CAN get burned if not careful! duh...


  • Go load some youtube vids on how-to-style your hair for the perfect blowout
  • Yes, you will see vids of lengluis using a hair dryer and a round brush on towel dried hair... but... you can emulate this with just this device on your fully dried hair

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