Thursday, May 6, 2010

Body beautiful.... Not with exercise (-.-)" -- Easecox Amyliner

Easecox Diamant Gemstone Series

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Update 14th September 2010:

  • Yeah.. My friend actually gave me the green light. lol..
  • But... I resisted. Why???
  • Cos her body shape's looking good but emm... her BUST SIZE LOOKS THE SAME AS BEFORE.
  • And me? I'm only going for the boobs.. lol.. Tempting... But I'm resisting.. Come on... its like RM4.8k and boobs ARE THE IMPORTANT FACTOR HERE (--)"

I was hesitant to blog about this... And I still am cos this is one of the stuff that I've been really clever (hohoho - self praise) with and won't purchase until a close friend of mine gives the GREEN light... Still it costs like man... A BOMB!!! RM4.8k++ for 2 sets!! Shessh.....

Okay so what does this do and why am I even interested:

  • inner wear consisting of a bra, corset and girdle
  • sold mainly by MLM (multi level marketing)
  • patented fabric from japan
  • cotton embedded with tourmaline (gemstone) to boost blood circulation - this is the thing thats gonna make you body beautiful
  • claims to "INCREASE or DECREASE (for over sized boobs) BREAST SIZE (hohohohohho)"
  • reduce waistline (you would supposedly end up with hourglass figure)
  • lift your butt
  • reduce thigh size
  • women who's just had baby claims that this is a miracle body worker!

The regime:

  • you have to be wearing this minimum I think 8 hours a day (correct me if any of you MLM people know better)
  • if you want bigger boobs the special bra which will do the "magic" has no padding okay?! and it doesn't look like the pic (which you can purchase from Easecox after your boob size increased) which I posted above...
  • on the contrary, my friend's wearing it and she says its so comfortable
  • only setback... you have no extra "oomph"... so small chested women will suffer avoiding skin-fitted tops for that correction period of time
  • the corset is actually comfortable
  • her sis, my beautician friend who's been wearing this for more than month... has increased half a cup size and has great body... (she already had a great body to begin with anyways... lol - she's a beautician... remember?)
  • its so pricey that even if I wanna get this... this will have to be a "see it with my own eyes" decision
Look at the testimonials! I googled for a whole day and there were zero negative comments!! Or... maybe its just too pricey for the everyday lengluis... LOL... >> Man.... if I do ever purchase it... you guys are so gonna get the first scoop on this!! hahahaha... Lets wait for my good friend's verdict!


  1. Hello sugar_cupcakes,
    wondering also about this product. Do you have any further info on this? It's so expensive, so I wanna really get a scoop on it.
    Thanks a bunch before ;)


    just another wanna be leng lui girl :P

  2. Hi,

    How is the result of your trial? I just wanan check whether it is effective.

  3. lol... yeah.. I was just as curious as you guys...

    Okiee... Honestly, I haven't seen any increase in boob size.. lol... not from my friend anyways. She's still wishing for a preferable boob size just like us all... But she's still got a great body shape.

    So if you're planning to try this out for the boobs, my advice is... safe your cash babe... we'll source out some boob enhancement along the way...

    But for maintaining your body shape... This is pretty good since its hell as comfortable. Just remember.. You can't wear certain clothes with this since it shows... And.. also... its pricey as hell.. :p

  4. So did your friend give you the green light to get it in the end?

  5. hi there,

    i've been wearing the Diamant for a month and i can tell u, it's very comfortable... For those who have small boobs like me who always wear push up with wire and padding, i m sure u'll like this.
    Yeah, at first, i felt expensive too but after i see the result, consider abt my health and calculate the money that i used to buy bras, it's worth it.

  6. Hi Aldis, Wendy and Anonymous(s),

    I've updated my post on this :p

    Nope... ain't selling to me... Maybe they just need more visual chinese/jap adverts to convince me. huhuhu...

  7. Hi there,

    I've been wearing Diamant for 7 months dy, I've got the hourglass shape & a little bigger bust size. I've seen my friend wearing it for just 1 month & strictly following the instructions, her bust cup increased from A to C.

  8. Hi there,

    Is the product really work & effective? Super expensive product.

    Please share more with me ya...haha

    Thank you

  9. Hi Anonymous,

    Looking at my good friend's figure (since I decided not to purchase it... hohoho... clever girl) Her figure is a perfect hourglass... But emm... frankly, her boob size looks the same as before even after months of wearing this... So umm... from a see-it-with-own-eyes, point of view, this ain't working for me.

    But still, if you've got lotsa cash to splurge, try it out. It has good reviews from everyone I know wearing it. :p hope this helps!

  10. Hi all:

    I am Leong here. If anyone who is interested for FREE trial in Penang or KL area, feel free to email me: I can provide you the best service. No hassle, NO offense.

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    Also, can recover the self-esteem, CONFIDENCE, and health, NEED NOT injection, NO supplement eating, NO drink, NO smell, NOT need apply on body, for more, please do not hesitate to contact / email me.

    Again, feel free to email me:

  11. I am based in Sydney.Do you know anyone who distribute the product here?
    It is so expensive.Is there any alternative product for that?


  12. Hi Paola,

    I'm do not know of any distributors in Sydney.. Perhaps you could try ask the Easecox marketers in:

    Yeah... lol.. the price is super expensive.. hopefully there'll be more options around.. But for now.. this is pretty unique :p

  13. Hi all,
    I am Angle. I just bought the easecox set and will be wearing it out soon. Will let you guys know the result...

  14. hi..
    i m going to buy..n the seller tell me wear the pants at 24 hours coz i want firm my tummy..pls let me know any effect when i wearing 24hrs?i scare got any side effect...if i just wear 10hrs per it will also taking good effect?

  15. Hi chuah,

    I'll leave your questions to be answered by other lenglui readers. Since I ended up not purchasing it..

    But my good friend says she wouldn't wear it for 24hrs cos' she's only bought 2 sets. So obviousy one needs to wash them pretty often enough... Huhuhu...

  16. Hi chuah,

    just pass by, i wore it 24hours no side effect. it actually helps to promote blood circulation so very good. u should give it a try

  17. Do you know that you can actually not only choose to increase/ decrease the size of your breast, but you can choose to remain the shape/ size. Perhaps your friend chose to remain the size, that's why you didn't see too much effect on her boobs. :)

    And 2 sets is enough for you to wear because while you washing/ drying up 1 of the sets, you could be wearing the other one.

  18. No offense but I think for those who are fitness conscious knows better; you can't imagine how much they spend on themselves just to be fit and for that well being. Easecox isn't that expensive actually, it can last atleast 5 years with normal use makings it RM2.50 per day to own. Its effective too, have seen the result; about boobs, it actually depends, have seen firmer boobs and 1 cup size increase, maybe its the reflection to the new body shape it produces, overall I like the outcome. No more dieting; it just kept you slim (and hungry) but it does not change you tummy and/or tight & arm shape; easecox solves that problem. When you're committed to purchase & wear this product, I think you're also committed to yourself; although enjoying food isn't a problem anymore, you tends to feel well (classier) - eating some's better then eating nothing at-all (it kept you in good health too). Conclude, this is my opinion; dieting? exercising? doesn't help at all.

  19. Hi lenglui, I know you didn't purchase it but if you could help, just wondering if after wearing it for months and happy with the body shape, deciding to stop using it, will the body become out of shape again after that? how long it actually last though :P
    I am tempted to get it...

  20. Hi Jo Serwey, When you're happy with your body shape you don't need to wear it so often any more. But, as with any body shapers, maintenance is vital to maintain your body shape. I think its a long term thing. Your body won't just mould into a particular figure and stay that way forever unless you maintain it. :p

    Not sure how long it lasts though, I'll let the experts comment (^o^) Hope it works for you lenglui!

  21. Cool! Thanks for your reply lenglui. I think I will give it a try :D

  22. wow I cant believe how retarded everyone of you are to believe this crap.

    Yes its comfortable (not hard to achieve). Everything else, slimming/enhancements/health benefits are loads of crap they throw in with no proper scientific explanation of how, and no guarantee that it will work. And they slap on a crazy price tag that you insecure women pay.

    Dont ask people who bought it what their thoughts on. If you were paid a million for a burger, it'll taste good even if they actually bought it from mcdonalds and disguise it well. This is because you've already gave in and think its worth the prize.

    Use your brains people. Why is this only being sold in Asia since 2009? Why hasnt it gone through to the States/Australia? Because they have tougher laws on commercial products and people will end up suing their pants off. In Asia, lots of dummies who will buy it and no govt legislation that requires proof of concept.

    1. It IS being sold in Australia - who's retarded now?

  23. Hi Anonymous,

    Great... a rude commenter. Oh well, everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

    "This blog's about as SHALLOW as it gets. Its a blog on achieving superficial beauty"

    Please do not get all upset reading these posts and start calling everyone else insecure retards. Would it kill to make your point and play nice?! Just great... (--)"

  24. sugar_cupcakes

    I am still waiting if you will buy the product....

  25. Hi Anonymous,

    I've commented that I won't be purchasing this any time soon :p Not worth the money since results on my friend did not show ummmm... boob size increase... LOL...

  26. Hi Paola,
    I am in Sydney they have distribute. I am wearing Easecox just one weeks ago, I will tell your guest next few weeks. I am so happy with this product.


    1. Hihi can give me the details of the distributor?


  27. Hi all, I am wearing tis product for 3 months, very satisfied with tis product, it's give me the body shape tat I can't get it in slimming center which I spent double money compare with tis suite....and the surprise things is, my irregular period and my constipation problem are cured!
    Honestly, the result is too good to believe, in fact, i am not believe b4 I give it a try.
    And now, I will say.. SO LUCKY I give it a try!

  28. Hi gals, just to share.This product is good but be careful with those distributers.I'm not sure whether all distributors like this.They will give u try ur size then they straight sell the set to u.When ask is this new? They answer yes all are new.But the set that I purchase is not from counter is from their small luggage(their small luggage got a lot of stock, I believe the distributors keep stock)I ask how they let plp try-issit got trial set? The distributors answer me: oh we will give set in our luggage for customer to try then is correct size we will sell them straight....dont u think this so unhygienic? They give plp try then if the size not yours they keep bck so for next customer to try....experience b4 already bought but because of rushing in time(coz husband waiting in car) take bck the product( which from their luggage)found out the bra got one small hole & the pants label look like very old.I was curious don't knw this set give to how many plp try b4.....called bck the distributors..gals u knw what the distributors answer?!... Oh I will sent bck to company & co will sent to Japan to check what is the problem, so u need to wait 1-2 months...OMG,I just bought the product which not from counter & now u aspect me to wait for 1-2 mths which is not I'm the one who make the hole!!....if u glas want to purchase pls make sure all items from counter.....some distributors very clever playing in tricks, they will tell u 'if u buy from counter u need to wait very very long Q coz our product good that's why long Q, maybe u need to wait for half day only u will get ur product' .... Bullshit I was there the counter is only 1-2 plp (subang branch) (maybe when I was there so coincident not a lot plp).....'better u take my stock so u no need to wait' answer frm the distributors.....I think the co shld ask whoever want to become distributors shld get all sizes as sample for customer to try, I knw is costly but few distributors can share the cost then let customer try & shld give customer new sets not the existing which a lot plp try b4!!....this type distributors is only want $$$!!.... Don't have good service at all!!..even we buy from shopping centre counter when we request new sets they will give us, for this so costly sets they not even can provide that service??...all is bcoz the distributors playing around the stocks they have in hand....gals pls make sure the sets u buy is new.....

  29. Hi. Heard many good comments abt tis easecox under garment. However, the sales of d product has stopped me fm purchasing it. D only way is 2 buy fm distributors who sell using their own stk. They get 2 sell at a retAil price while they purchase it at member price. 2 b a member, v need 2 buy rm4650 products in retail price n also pay additional 185rm member joining fee.

  30. Hi all,
    Just like to share with you another great and compatible similar product I have tried on since 3 months back. My beautician friend actually recommended to me after I have witnessed significant overall changes in her post wearing it. I decided to give it a try (Of course with much research and understanding the principle effect) and so far I can say I'm really impressed and happy with my little investment on my body and health. In terms of body contour, I'm quite petite to begin with but even the small sized have target problem areas to tackle with. No matter how much I run I just couldn't seem to trim off the fats on my waist n hips and my big saggy bums! Just like ease cox ...its helps me shape and define my waistline diminish the bulge on the back of my hip and best of all lifted my saggy bum and shape them up that not one exercise I have tried to do over the decade could achieved. Yoga , running, butt toning workouts. All these are achieved due to the regulation of body cells. I'm not good at writing and explaining but this is a really great discovery for me n I hope to share it with everyone. Find out more n see for yourself loh.. . :D it's called Spectrum He &ME. Using spectrum technology with germanium (scientifically proven and used in preventing and treating cancer cells and many more others benefits) , anti fungal, deodorant , cosmic energy stone etc. I don't wanna sound as if I'm hard selling it here. U can read up on these elements n technology used in this product instead of hear say. Look for a reliable n trust worthy consultant who is informative n helpful. Good luck in your quest for great health and beauty.

  31. just some sharing. I have a female friend who just have a A cup with no significant shape ... and a bit chubby.

    after she wear this easecox, her appearance give everyone one a big WOW!

    Her dressing in the dinner dress, show how great the improvement on her boobs (sorry, guys focus point) and slim a bit compare last time ....

    Her upline was a mother of 1. really looks great in her body shape and I think even better than before she gave birth.

    Thus, I really think this piece of shxt work! Count the gym membership, personal trainer, suppliments etc .... this thing only less than your one year expenses on those gym and you can wear it for years .... i think worth it too

    last, the only products will come from their main distributor, BA, PA and A. Those item from the box mainly to sell customer who wish to give a try without join membership. However, many people join membership to make it a serious business. The only lack of this product is they no advertisement. (MLM need advertisement meh? u saw any amway ads in TV or newspaper? they doing serious business too)

  32. Hi there.. are there anyone of u willing to take my leftover stock? Willing to let it go at retail price & giving an additional 20%-30% to it?


    1. Hi Eve,

      Where are you located and what sizes do you have? I'm not a distributor so I only want my size.



  33. Hi ladies!
    What an interesting point u gals have here...:)
    For those who want to invest,the is pro n cons not only this brand but others too.
    So think wisely. Yes,it's true it'll last for 5years..but can u stand jz having 1 or 2 bra at one time? Esp ladies who has to work more than 8hours a day with unfixed working hours n schedule? And yes,they claimed that low maintenance just soak in mild detergent for 5mins n rinse. I experienced this situation before, started work at 9am and reach home at 1am from office n all u want jz to crawl to yr bed and sleep. I don't even want to change n shower if I can. The next morning,starts all over again. My undergarment at least can last for 2 week n I can wash the 1st part on the 1st weekend and I know I have another part prepared for another week to come. I'm an arhcitect,my field not only limited to office work and meetings but also the constrcution site as well. So there's no way,I can be wearing it for 3days straight eventhou they claimed it can absorbed sweat n antibacterial. But in reality,can u stand it? It is under your clothes and especially 'down there'! Try smell it! I'm not being fussy but that's the fact.
    In another situation,what if,u're living in an urban apt where no wet area to hang clothes?N we're supposed to hang it in our toilet?or our dining/working chair?that is ugly sight n u don't want to see your partner seeing undergarment here n there. Even thou he don't mind/dont bother but it is still an eyesore!
    One more highlight is,
    By wearing this,some see clothes that is visible to it,u may have to consider or schedule yourself what is appropriate n what not.
    And true,most of the distributor (I must say) that I met, are very persistant and knows how to sell it out bcoz all they care is how much they can sell n making out $$ from it. As some of you experienced. I have experienced it, I bought the one for men (for my hubby). At that time,I hv made order earlier n later when I want to go collect n pay, she include the mild detergent together in the bill without asking me. I was very tired from my outstation journey and all I can think of was to reach home and rest at that time so I just settle it...silly me huh? I told her,I know how it works coz I have used elken brand before. So I don't need it but she pretends like she didn't hear it. Keep on insisting wana do free trial for me on the undergarment..but when I asked her how much roughly it cost..again she play deaf.
    Not only,about this brand,but for other brands too,the ritual is still the same.
    As for me,I know not until I can get my hectic schedule cool down,this is not something that I would invest on for now. I have used elken before and skala bio currently. Elken just don't work for me. It does curve me but the fat goes to my waistline n tummy. After 6months...I don't feel comfortable with it anymore. Maybe nothing wrong with it but smtg wrong with me..ahaks!
    And I'm just sharing what I have experienced with all of u here,ladies.
    Please don't take me wrong,ya. Coz the bottom line is,do n invest something that u can compromise with in terms of money worths value n your way of life.
    There's no doubt that,if u can stick and change a bit of our normal lifestyle, then u may find it works for u. It doesn't work a miracle over a nite. It's a ritual that has to be part of your life, so do you research first. Nowadays,the info are just at our finger tips n let's have a better understanding of what we are going to commit into with.
    Cheers ladies...

  34. I am from Australia, I am well educated, and I researched the product thoroughly before taking the plunge. And for $2000 AUD for the set (4 pieces), I have to say I am VERY HAPPY I BOUGHT IT!

    I have gone down one clothing size (and one belt hole), and gone up one cup size (was a B, now a perky C).

    I wear it all for 8-10 hours a day (to work) and yes, it's time consuming to have to put on each piece one by one every morning, but for the results, it's worth it.

    I have recommended to all my friends and they have also bought for themselves because they have seen the physical proof!

    I hope that helps you girls :)

  35. Is there hope for big size like me? I have a waist of 35" and butt of 43" and am only 5' 1". The cost is quite an amount so I don't know if I should invest in the girdle. Thanks.


  36. Im a distributor myself, i wasnt a believer at first, but after wearing it, i feel its comfy, not too tight, breathable and the effect works, im a mother of 1,and i have been trying all sorts of horrendous ways to slim down,swollowing icky drinks, dunking huge tablets that make me choke most of the time, been to slimming centres who suck the fats out of me belly which is only half hour but feels like forever....the awful pain i've experienced. But easecox really helped me gain my beauty back, no more saggy boobs ;), i got an hourglass figure (everybody envies me now), and I've gained my health and confidence back.

    ONLY thing i really have to comment on other distributors is YES MOST OF U ARE VERY PUSHY and its damn irritating!!! If u wanna sell, sell from ur heart, have a motive that u really wanna help this girl, help her regain her health and her shape, not being so freakin irritating and push and push and push and sometimes jual mahal as in if u wanna buy only a few i don wanna sell to you. common la, we've all gotta admitt that this product isnt cheap, but other ppl on the receiving end feels like u just wanna earn their money.

    All i have to say is that be true to ur principles ,have a helping heart every time u go and meet a prospect. don't act so pushy, give them time to think and absorb.

    food for thought a'ight!

  37. Hi,

    I have brandnew easecox diamant pant size 76 and bra size 75/95 to let go. Anyone who knows their size and have tried before and would like to buy extra can contact me at 0127072877 (whats app) . Many thanks

  38. Any distributor can tell me exactly the price for a full set and 2 sets?

  39. Hi, is there any distributor in Sydney?

  40. Hi all,

    I've been wearing all 3 piece - bra, girdle and corset for about 4 months already! And yes, I am very very satisfied with it. My boobs have definitely grown bigger and my buttock has become rounder and firmer. I also do not slouch as bad as before. I can also go to the toilet more often now and do not feel cold that easily as well.

    So, if you ask me whether the product is worth it, YES YES YES it is!

    Think about it! It has no wires and yet can give a push up effect and firm up your busts. It provides better blood circulation and can prevent any breasts-related sicknesses. I used to constantly be worried about breasts cancer due to the soreness that I often felt in my breast. However after wearing the bra, I have not felt, until today, the same soreness again. ^^

    And to answer some of your questions regarding distributors in Australia, YES, we do have distributors there. As a matter of fact, my sister in law is a distributor and is now settling in Perth.

    Hope I've helped,

  41. May I know for this product can help to balance hormone?

  42. Hi Has any one bought this and NOT seen results in loosing fat around belly?

    Has anyone bought 2 set initially but had to buy another two smaller sets because of fat loss?

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