Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Help! Our ICI paints are hazardous?!

Could we be less concern?

Recently Malaysia's The Star published an article that commented on a site Cosmetic Database that lets us check if our skincare or cosmetics are actually of high hazard to the human body... Okay, fine. The article was published was a couple of weeks ago and this site has long been up since the days of women got smarter.. and cosmetic companies got competitive... hohoho... I'm outdated.

But.... back to the topic. I decided that it was time to do some cosmetic soul searching... lol.... Yes... some of the products back there in my skincare closet are actually BAD-BAD-BAD!! Emm... its too long-winded to explain here (besides, I'm no expert on medic jargons)... Go to the site and look it up... Just key in the product name in the search bar... Eg; Benefit Talk To the Tan
Familiarize yourself with the site... Eg; Click on "score" to arrange the display based on hazard score. I'm betting you'd be spending the next best of the hour searching up your products.

  • No, you don't need to immediately thrash your product into the bin... just remember... too much and too often is always bad
  • I don't know how organic are organic products but... its always okay being a skeptic and still stick to organic when you can
  • The less ingredients, less chemical jargons, is actually MORE in a product
  • Notice that all natural stuff always costs more? Yeah... 'cos the raw materials are harder to preserve and perishables aren't gonna last on the shelf
  • One hazardous product in a Brand does not necessarily make all products under that Brand bad... Just do more soul searching if you're paranoid...

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