Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Facial Cleanse Sponge - for that extra clean saloon feel..

Many of us lengluis think going for facial courses is where you get ultimately nice clean skin. In actual fact, I think going to beauty saloons for regular facials are more for when you're a much too busy person to take care of your own skin (of course this applies too if you've got too much extra $$$ and don't know what to do with it... muahahahahaha...). Rather, I'd save the extra cash for saloon specific treatments...

So okay, its easy enough for us to apply our own mask. And blackhead removal? (a face steamer, the blackhead tool and pore vacuum) What about cleansing? Nothing like some foam lathering and splashes of water to cleanse your facial skin? And so, add on a Facial Cleansing Sponge for easier cleansing.. ta-da! Full facial prep at home! (But, always remember hygiene-hygiene-hygiene)

pic credit to http://www.mychemist.lk/index.php?pv=7

Benefits of using it:
  • feels like you've cleansed your face thoroughly
  • water does not get splashed everywhere when you cleanse your face
  • pretty nice to use in general when you do your daily cleansing
  • these are like very mild exfoliate but less abrasive compare to wash clothes and facial scrubs
  • most saloons reuse their facial sponges so... I'd say... hey.. get your own
  • this can be a breeding ground for bacteria if you do not clean or change them often enough
  • I normally get the thicker ones so that they last (and occasionally soak them in diluted disinfectant and rinse)
Oh yeah, I would recommend the cleansing sponge from Beauty Credit. They costs only RM6.90 and lasts like forever! (But, ahem... of course if you're too lazy of a person to really clean them often enough, please... get the cheaper, thinner sort which you can change as often as possible)

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